Information for Individuals with ADHD and Dyslexia

Q: Hello Liz, I lived most of my life knowing that I had dyslexia and recently find out that I also had ADHD. Do you have any information for individual with both of those conditions? It’s been really difficult.

Researchers have known about the link between dyslexia and ADHD for a while. And while you cannot “cure” either one of them you do have some options.

If you are an adult, and the combo is making it difficult to function at home and at work, I would look into some support services. It’s never too late. The more information you have, the better you are able to make decisions.

I’d start with whomever diagnosed with ADHD. Do they have any recommendations?

I did a quick search and found a ton of info for you:

Hope this helps at least a little.

And don’t be afraid to look for social support. ADDA has great groups!

– Liz


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