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Photo of ADD Coach Academy

ADD Coach Academy

The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) is proud to be the global leader in ADHD Coach Training and Education, and is the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) , the governing bodies of the Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching profession.…

Photo of Ms Maggie Alexander ND, PMHNP

Ms Maggie Alexander ND, PMHNP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Perhaps you have a common condition known as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD), or maybe just the Attention Deficit part. Good news – we have learned that people with this trait have a host of qualities, some of them are positive, like thinking ‘out of the box’ and ‘being here now’ sorts of people.

Photo of Dr. Sheenie Ambardar M.D.

Dr. Sheenie Ambardar M.D.

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Sheenie Ambardar, M.D. is a Physician specializing in Adult Psychiatry, with expertise in psychopharmacologic medication management as well as psychotherapy. Dr. Ambardar graduated with Honors in Biological Sciences from Stanford University where she served as Managing Editor of The Stanford Biologist, the university’s premier undergraduate journal of biomedical research. She completed medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, a top-ranked institution for Psychiatry training, and home of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex.…

Photo of Carlene Bauwens

Carlene Bauwens

Certified ADHD, Life, and Business Coach

I coach people to silence their inner critic and to start trusting themselves with their own answers so they can confidently do what they want to do and feel successful. As an ADHD Coach and parent, I am on a mission to show people how ADHD is really impacting their family, to break the fail-and-punish cycle, and to embrace each other’s differences.…

Photo of Patty Blinderman ACC, ACG

Patty Blinderman ACC, ACG

ADHD Coach

Fun, frustrating, exciting, exhausting- with ADHD all of these can be felt in the course of just one hour!  I have 4 children, 3 of whom are impacted by ADHD to varying degrees.  Experiencing first-hand the strengths and challenges that often come with ADHD led me to become an ADHD coach.  I am a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy and an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC).…

Photo of Judy B. Brenis

Judy B. Brenis

ADHD Coach, Author

8626018A diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder does not mean you are somehow broken or your brain is wired wrong. Nor does ADHD mean you cannot realize your dreams or live a successful, fulfilling life. As a coach, I help my clients realize and then focus on their strengths, while at the same time learning new tools and strategies to minimize their challenges.…

Photo of Susan Bridges M.A.,C.P.C. ADHD Coach, Parent Educator,Tutor

Susan Bridges M.A.,C.P.C. ADHD Coach, Parent Educator,Tutor


Susan Bridges, Coach ,M.A., C.P.C. is a Certified Professional Coach, who provides practical, professional, educational assistance to clients who face the challenges of ADHD, Executive Function Disorder, and Learning Disabilities. Her practice includes children, teens, adults, couples, and parents. She is a C.P.C., who partners with those most affected by their loved one’s learning and behavioral issues.…

Photo of Dr. Howard Chusid

Dr. Howard Chusid

Counseling Psychologist

I see kids through elder adults and mostly deal with depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and loneliness. I also deal with Family Mediation and Divorce, Civil Mediation and Healthcare/Medical Arbitration and kids whose parents are having a hard time. Additionally, I see vets who are graduates of Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD and other problems. On the Career side, I do career counseling and assessment to assist people in figuring out what they want to do when they grow up.…

Photo of Ms. Ann Clarkson MA,PCC,PCAC

Ms. Ann Clarkson MA,PCC,PCAC

Professional Certified Business and Family ADHD Coach

Professional Expertise:

Ann is a Professional Certified Business and Family Coach, with a specialty helping people living with ADHD or LD traits and challenges, including problems with learning, behaviour, emotions and performance. With 20 years of experience in the workplace, she specialises in coaching adults dealing with workplace stress and dissatisfaction who want to be more productive and fulfilled.…

Photo of “DrB” Barbara A. Cohen Ph.D., MFT, ACG

“DrB” Barbara A. Cohen Ph.D., MFT, ACG


I am an expert in the field of adult ADHD.  As a therapist/coach/innovative educator/author, I have created different ways for you to get your needs met as quickly and effectively as possible.  This includes an innovative membership program for bright, creative adults with focus, follow through and self-management challenges, a self-study courses site hosting courses on important and relevant challenges, as well as ADHD coaching and psychotherapy services.  …

Photo of Jeff Copper MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG


ADHD & Attention Coach

diglogoJeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG, is an attention coach and expert on attention issues, more commonly referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD/ADHD. As founder of DIG Coaching Practice and the host and founder of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video, Jeff coaches individuals and entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD symptoms who are seeking to improve their personal and business results.…

Photo of Jill Corvelli

Jill Corvelli

Counselor, Coach, Trainer, PhD Candidate

Jill Corvelli, LPC Reg Int/CADC I/CGAC I/PhD Candidate

Portland/Lake Oswego, OR   Acceptance & Commitment Therapist and Coach offering both counseling and coaching support for individuals with Adult ADHD AND partners in ADHD-impacted relationships.

Locally, in the Portland – Lake Oswego area I offer quarterly Journeys that are 6 week groups aimed at acceptance, education, relationships, symptom-tool linkage and more in support of ADHD and 8 week couple Expeditions bringing new ways of responding and relating to each other and symptoms when ADHD is present.…

Rebecca J. Daniels ACG

ADD Coach

Rebecca Daniels specializes in coaching college students and business professionals with ADD and related issues i.e., challenges with planning, prioritizing, organization and time management.  She holds a BS in Organizational Management from Roberts Wesleyan College, is a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy located just outside of Albany, NY, is a member of the International Coach Federation, the governing body of the coaching industry, the ADHD Coaches Organization, and was trained as a mediator through the Center for Dispute Resolution in Rochester, NY.

Photo of Julianne Davidow

Julianne Davidow

Author, Teacher, Coach

I am Julianne Davidow, a certified coach, teacher, and published author in New York City. I work with young people and adults who are bright and creative, yet get easily distracted and have a hard time focusing. Using holistic, natural methods, I can help you to get calmer, stay focused, and accomplish your goals.…

Photo of Dale Davison

Dale Davison

M.Sp.Ed, PCC, Board Certified Coach

What others say:  Dale is a gifted, expert ADHD professional coach who makes coaching executive functioning a remarkable rich and colorful art-form. Her mastery of concepts, diligence in delivery, and awareness make her an exceptionally skilled, exquisite coach for clients of all ages. Her joy, humor, and passion for helping others to hurdle life’s challenges is uniquely impressive.…

Photo of Kelly Deering

Kelly Deering

Daily Money Manager | QuickBooks Consultant

Do you dread dealing with paperwork and bills? Are you paying unnecessary late fees and overdraft charges? When was the last time you balanced your checkbook?  Adults with ADHD often struggle with organizing paperwork, controlling spending and paying bills on time. As a Daily Money Manager, I provide personal financial services to clients who have difficulty with, or lack the time necessary to manage personal monetary matters.…

Photo of Casey Dixon

Casey Dixon

ADHD Coach

Casey Dixon is a respected ADHD Coach with a unique focus on science-based, innovative strategies for attorneys, professors, and other demand-ridden professionals with ADHD. Her practice also includes interventions and support for college students.

She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005, a natural progression after a 15-year career supporting students and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD in schools and universities.…

Photo of Dee Doochin

Dee Doochin


logoADHD does not have to rob you of the life you desire and dream of.  Imagine your life filled with love of yourself and others, peace, joy, connection, relaxation, fun and whatever else you desire.  Not only is that life possible…it is waiting for you to claim for yourself.  The sooner you identify and learn about your unique ADHD and begin to use your strengths and talents, rather than continuing to try to change your weaknesses and harness your faults, the sooner you can enjoy the life of your dreams. …

Photo of Tom Dooley ACG

Tom Dooley ACG

Professional ADHD Coach

Dooley Coaching- Tom Dooley, ACG ADHD Coach ABOUT TOM DOOLEY

I have been an ADHD Coach for 14 years
I have a B.A. in Psychology from Boston University, and have continued my formal education by engaging in intensive coach training at ADDCA, the ADD Coach Academy, of which I am a graduate
I am a member in good standing of the International Coach Federation (ICF).…

Photo of Laurie Dupar

Laurie Dupar

ADHD Coach and Director

At Coaching for ADHD, Laurie Dupar, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Certified Mentor Coach and trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, specializes in working with ADD/ADHD clients of all ages who want to finally understand how their brain works, minimize their challenges and get things done! In 2015 she founded the International ADHD Coach Training Center (IACTCenter) where she trains and mentors emerging ADHD coaches to help them build a successful and profitable coaching business they love.

Photo of Lynne Edris ACG

Lynne Edris ACG

Life & ADD Coach

I’m an ADD Coach specializing in working with professionals struggling to reach their potential due to challenges with disorganization, time management, procrastination and weak follow-through. What makes me unique is that I have been where my clients are.  I am a woman with ADD myself, and I’ve gone from living in a constant state of chaos and overwhelm, to living a life of calm & success.  …

Photo of Darren Elder

Darren Elder

Certified Life Coach

I was diagnosed with ADHD 8 years ago and relied on the coaching principals I used for work to help me master the negative effects. Through my research I found that I was part of a large group of undiagnosed or underdiagnosed individuals that were attempting to cope with a disorder that they did not understand or even know they had.…

Photo of Vanessa Blake Fasoli

Vanessa Blake Fasoli

Executive Function Coach

Vanessa Fasoli, B.S. is an Executive Function coach, serving families affected by learning differences – such as AD/HD, dyslexia, and sensory processing disorder.

Her coaching blends her first-hand experience as someone diagnosed with inattentive ADD, as well as training in both executive function and youth mindfulness through the ADD Coach Academy and Mindful Schools.…

Photo of Roxanne Fouche

Roxanne Fouche

ADHD coach and consultant

Roxanne works with smart, motivated but often overwhelmed students and adults with ADHD who value excellence but can’t seem to achieve it without more effort or less sleep. She helps her clients figure out ways to work with their strengths so they can focus on what is most important and organize their time, tasks, and lives for the success and balance they deserve. 

Photo of Dr Michelle Frank

Dr Michelle Frank


I am a clinical psychologist and specialize in providing diagnostic and treatment services to adults with ADHD. I integrate cognitive behavioral therapies, mindfulness based practices, and psychoeducational approaches based in the latest research to help my clients reach their potential and live successfully with ADHD.

I am an associate psychologist at Sari Solden & Associates, a small private practice founded by Sari Solden, an internationally known expert in ADHD and women’s issues.…

Photo of Twila L Gates RN, SCAC

Twila L Gates RN, SCAC

RN, Senior Certified ADHD Coach


ADHD Executive Functioning
Career Coaching Coaching for Parents of Kids With ADHD
Legal & Medical Professionals
Small Business Ownership & Startups ADHD Life Skills & Self-Regulation  ABOUT TWILA

Twila has always combined systems and leadership with work that supports and inspires others.…

Cheryl Gigler

Photo of Cheryl S Gigler

Cheryl S Gigler

Life Coach

Cheryl Gigler is a graduate of Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ, with a BME in Music Education.  Cheryl is a certified educator in Indiana, New Jersey, and New York, having taught in both public and private settings.  She served as an adjunct professor of voice at Nyack College in New York for several years and has sung professionally throughout Europe as well as in the New York Metropolitan Area in recital, oratorio, and opera.

Photo of David Giwerc MCAC, MCC

David Giwerc MCAC, MCC

ADHD Coach, Trainer

ADDCA_newlogoThe ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) is proud to be the global leader in ADHD Coach Training and Education, and is the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) , the governing bodies of the Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching profession.…

Photo of Keith Griffin

Keith Griffin

ADHD Coach

Keith Griffin is an ADHD Coach, host of the podcast This ADHD Life and an advocate of thriving with ADHD by focusing on one’s strengths. Keith is a graduate of The ADD Coach Academy and is currently working towards accreditation by the International Coaches Federation.

Having thought of going into Life Coaching in his 20’s, Keith decided to become an ADHD Coach after he himself was diagnosed in 2015.…

Dr. Marie Hume Guilford

Dr. Guilford is a Licensed Psychologist in Georgia and Florida and a member of the American Psychological Association, ADDA, and CHADD.  She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1996 from Florida State University.  After graduation she worked for Psychology Associates of Tallahassee as a Fellow in Psychology and worked as a consultant and Chief of Staff with Florida State University’s Specialized Treatment Program and as an adjunct instructor at FSU and Tallahassee Community College.  

Photo of Joseph L. Gulino M.D.

Joseph L. Gulino M.D.

Adult and Pediatric Psychiatrist

In my own psychiatry practice, I strive to create an environment in which patients can feel comfortable discussing their symptoms, experiences and concerns. I place maximum value on really listening to my patients and establishing an honest and trusting doctor-patient alliance. When it comes to treatment, I ensure that my patients fully understand the diagnosis, as well as the risks and benefits of all possible treatment options, whether they involve medication, psychotherapy, or education.…

Photo of Dr. Maelisa Hall

Dr. Maelisa Hall

Evaluations, Coaching and Counseling

Struggling to keep up with your work and home life? Do you need practical strategies you can use right away and want to work with someone professional who also gets what it’s like to wake up with ADHD every morning (and try going to bed with ADHD every night!)?

My name is Maelisa Hall and I’m not only a licensed psychologist but also living with ADHD and diagnosed as an adult.…

Photo of Ms Faith Halter

Ms Faith Halter


I’m Faith Halter, a leadership and life coach for with special expertise in ADHD. I help bright, creative adults, college students and teens to build on your strengths as we clarify and help you achieve your goals.

My fascination with ADHD (from the dual perspective as a coach and having many symptoms of ADHD myself) led me to immerse myself in coach training to work with all ages, from teens through adults.…

Photo of David Hanson PsyD

David Hanson PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Hanson offers both comprehensive psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults and individual and couples therapy services as part of his assessment and therapy practice.  The assessment experience with Dr. Hanson features a thoroughness of procedure, clinical expertise, and a professional concern that the best interests of his clients be at the forefront of each evaluation.…

Photo of Elen Harthy

Elen Harthy

Registered Homeopath

Elen Harthy, B.A, DHMHS, HOM

Registered Homeopath

I have helped many children, teenagers, and adults with hyperactivity, Asperger’s and attention deficit disorder. I  am using complementary Homeopathic treatment to alleviate the symptoms associated with the condition. The first intake includes patient’s history and the list of symptoms associated with his condition.…

Photo of Kimberly Haverly LMFT-S, LPC-S

Kimberly Haverly LMFT-S, LPC-S

Counseling Director

Kimberly believes in the value and worth of each person, and has a heart for people with ADHD. She is a licensed therapist, coach and clinical supervisor and does individual, group, and family therapy and coaching in person and virtually.

Kimberly specializes in anxiety, ADHD, chemical dependency & process addictions; family & couples therapy, child therapy, and play therapy.…

Photo of Cameron Scott Hollenberg

Cameron Scott Hollenberg

Therapist and ADHD Specialist

Hi there! As a counselor I work with many different and colorful people. I work with a lot of people seeking help with ADHD in addition to many other conditions of life. My work is primarily with teens and adults, though I work with parents and their children at times as well to offer an orientation to ADHD.…

Photo of Patricia Hudak PCC, BCC

Patricia Hudak PCC, BCC

Board Certified Coach – ADHD and Executive Function

My  experience with raising two boys diagnosed with ADHD (one, ADHD-Hyperactive; the other, ADHD-Inattentive) and 10+ years of working with ADHD students have given me a deep and personal understanding of how an ADHD or executive dysfunction (EF) diagnosis affects all aspects of a student’s life. As a Board Certified Coach, there is nothing more satisfying to me than to see a student’s self-esteem rise as he or she develops skills to overcome tremendous obstacles such as difficulty focusing, procrastination, disorganization, or the inability to set priorities.…

Photo of Dr. Virginia Hurley

Dr. Virginia Hurley

Dr. Virginia Hurley, PCC, CMC, PCAC, is a certified Life Coach and ADHD coach with additional specialized training in Positive Psychology and Wellness. An English teacher and Reading Specialist in New York City public schools, she later became a UFT teacher trainer, conference presenter, and building administrator. She specializes in time management, goal setting, and transitions.…

Photo of Michelle Intrepidi

Michelle Intrepidi

Executive Functions Coach | Learning & Development Manager

A culmination of diverse professional experience brings focus to my growing ADHD coaching practice and career development consulting: a unique program design and delivery of custom performance strategies for university students, business owners, and high-caliber professionals. With laser focus on workplace interventions with public and private employers committed to meet accessibility standards in compliance with provincial legislation.…

Photo of Marjorie R. Johnson

Marjorie R. Johnson


About Marjorie R. Johnson, LCSW, PCC

I am President of Ascend Consulting, Inc. A licensed clinical social worker and certified coach, I provide Executive and Career Coaching, Training and Development, and Counseling.  I specialize in counseling and consulting with professionals with AD-HD.  An expert in human behavior, interpersonal relationships, and motivation, I also empower individuals and organizations to improve productivity, communication and work-life balance. …

Photo of Tereasa Jones MS, PCC, SCAC, MCRC

Tereasa Jones MS, PCC, SCAC, MCRC

Founder, ADHD Coach

I am the founder of Coached Living.  I am also a trainer for Impact Coaching Academy and Relationship Coaching Institute.  I love my job. I love working with people who care about improving their lives and their relationships. Over the years I have worked with people in all walks of life. I have worked with people who have ADD/ADHD and need help creating systems and strategies to improve their lives at work, at home and in their social lives. …

Photo of Dr Kim Kensington PsyD

Dr Kim Kensington PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kim Kensington is a clinical psychologist who maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, California. She is the author of “Starting Tomorrow: 7 Steps to Lasting Change-Get Stuff Done and Have More Fun!,” and a contributing author to “Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams,” Wiley, 2015. Speaking credits include the recent ADHD Palooza as well as CHADD, ADDA and ACO conferences.…

Photo of Brian Brian R. King

Brian Brian R. King

ADHD Strategist

When Brian’s sons were each diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD, he subsequently received the same diagnoses.

Aside from gratitude to have his rough childhood explained, he knew he had to prepare his sons for the world or it would eat them alive.

Brian set out to learn the skills he needed to be more successful in communication, relationships and life.…

Photo of Nikki Kinzer

Nikki Kinzer

ADHD Coach, Author, Podcaster

As an ADHD coach, my passion is to partner with individuals to help them build positive life habits, reduce stress, and inspire them to take back control in their lives. I am committed to helping each of my clients understand how they can live in control and stress free with ADHD.

Through coaching and online training, I have built a growing and evolving ecosystem of ADHD and organizing tools dedicated to helping people to reach their goals.…

Photo of Kent S Kinzley M.A., MFT

Kent S Kinzley M.A., MFT

Sole proprietor of Embodiment, LLC

I’ve been a mental health professional in the Pasadena, CA area for over 20 years providing psychotherapy, counseling, and neurofeedback and biofeedback training.

Photo of Evan Kirstein

Evan Kirstein

Life/ ADHD Coach

After Graduating from The Ohio State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I moved to San Diego and earned a Masters Degree in Education at Alliant University.   I earned a California Teaching Credential and I devoted my professional career to creating success in academic, psychological and behavioral education with children.…

Photo of Sybil VR Klienmichel

Sybil VR Klienmichel

Managing Director

Sybil is VP of Quality and CISO at a software company in Mainz, Germany. Currently she training at ADDCA to become an ADHD coach and working on her first book about success with ADHD. She is a lead auditor in five ISO standards and applies quality standards and best practices to coach executives, with or without ADHD.…

Photo of Ms Nancie Kohlenberger

Ms Nancie Kohlenberger

Marriage and Family therapist

I am a psychotherapist in CA and a Marriage Consultant, both nationally and internationally.  I help couples whose marriages are impacted by ADHD to work through the challenges they often find relating to one another. I’ve been in private practice for more than 10 years with a local office in Newport Beach, CA.  I often work with remote clients by phone or Skype.…




The Child’s Best Difference

Dr. Learsy and Dr. Annotti started the Child’s Best practice because they are passionate about helping families accurately identify the challenges faced by their children and provide guidance to effectively address those concerns. Too often, families struggle with misdiagnosis of their children’s developmental and behavioral issues due to a lack of time and attention, which is endemic in modern healthcare.…

Denise B Lee CPO

Certified Professional Organizer & Coach

Ten plus years organizing individuals and families challenged with life-long disorganization in the residential and small business setting. Coaching adults and students to improve their organizing skills and reach their goals for living a good life.

Photo of Susan J Lieber

Susan J Lieber

Susan Lieber, MS, COC, ACC has been working with individuals living with ADHD since 2003 and holds the credentials of Certified Organizer Coach, Associate Certified Coach and Certified Professional Organizer. Through coaching, she partners with her clients to gain an understanding their unique ADHD and how to rein in their brain to achieve their goals.…

Photo of Barbara Lipscomb

Barbara Lipscomb

ADHD Coach

barbara-logoBarbara Lipscomb has been teaching and coaching children and adults since 1980. An experienced and outstanding educator, Barbara works from a deeply felt and researched model. Her central tenet is that all learning takes place within the context of important relationships. She creates relationships with her clients that facilitate an understanding of their unique learning needs.…

Photo of Randi B Lyman, CPO-CD

Randi B Lyman, CPO-CD

Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer/ADHD Specialist Offering Virtual Organizing Services

Overwhelmed? Stressed Out? Whether you’re near or far, open schedule or strapped for time, virtual organizing may be the solution for you. Together, we’ll discover what systems & strategies will work best for your needs. Virtual organizing sessions are conducted via computer, phone, smart phone or tablet computer.…

Photo of Dana Maher JD, PCC, PCAC

Dana Maher JD, PCC, PCAC

Credentialed ADHD Life, Business and Academic Coach

I provide life, business and academic coaching services, by telephone, skype or in person, to adults and adolescents, including those with ADHD and/or Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My clients include:
– Adults, students and their families who are diagnosed or who have symptoms of ADHD and/or Asperger’s Syndrome.
– Professionals in STEM careers, specifically women in technology.…

Photo of Terry Matlen, ACSW

Terry Matlen, ACSW


I am recognized worldwide as an expert in the area of adult ADHD. I am a therapist/coach and offer consultations to help you sort out a “game plan” for getting yourself on track with your ADHD at my main website at If you’re a woman with ADHD and are tired of getting stuck and overwhelmed, join me at, where I offer affordable online coaching.…

Photo of Diane McLean M.Ed., ACCG, PCC

Diane McLean M.Ed., ACCG, PCC

ADHD Coach

After a 25 year career in the field of education and school counseling, I was inspired make a career change and become an AHDH coach to help children, adolescents, and adults in the area of executive functioning skills. These important life skills, often not explicitly taught in traditional education systems, are critical to managing day-to-day activities in work, family, school, and leisure and when lacking, create barriers to success.…

Photo of Laura McMinn-Larson

Laura McMinn-Larson

ADHD Coach

Founder and principal of The Learning Landscape, Laura synthesizes twenty-five years of experience in the fields of research and education in working with children and their families.

Laura is professionally licensed and both director and teacher certified in Pre-K. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Gordon College and also holds an Elementary Education certification K-2.…

Photo of Dr. Kari Miller

Dr. Kari Miller

ADHD Coach and Educational Therapist

If you’re a woman with ADD/ADHD you may be juggling so many family and career balls that you don’t always have time for yourself!  Getting clarity on your own personalized, comprehensive plan is the first step.

You may be struggling with challenges in areas important to you such as focusing, following through, time management, organization or starting a new chapter in your life (starting a new job, parenthood, moving, going to school, opening a business).…

Photo of Lynn Miner-Rosen M.ED., BCC, CDCS

Lynn Miner-Rosen M.ED., BCC, CDCS

ADHD Coach, Career Development Coaching Specialist, Job Search Coach

Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., BCC, CDCS – Lynn is a board certified ADHD Coach and certified Career Development Coach for College Students and Adults NATIONWIDE via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone.  Lynn supports her clients with or without ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning challenges and/or Asperger’s.  Lynn has been coaching for over five years and supports her clients on time management, organization, life-balance strategies, health and wellness, and self-advocacy.  …

Photo of Anne Marie Nantais

Anne Marie Nantais

Coach, Consultant, Speaker

Anne Marie Nantais is a certified ADHD coach (ACC and AAC) and an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) with 19 years of classroom and Special Education experience.  She started “ADHD and Beyond” to assist people of all ages to go beyond the label of ADHD and into living their best lives – as they define it.…

Photo of Paul O’Connor

Paul O’Connor


I’m a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Secretary of the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. I also have a strong business and creative background. For the past 17 years I’ve been a full time coach focused exclusively on working with business owners, executives, and professionals whose ADHD traits are causing them to underperform in the workplace.  …

Photo of Dr. Roberto Olivardia

Dr. Roberto Olivardia

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Roberto Olivardia is a Clinical Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and Clinical Associate at McLean Hospital. He maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Lexington, MA, where he specializes in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), executive functioning issues, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He also treats the various issues that accompany learning disabilities, such as stress and negative self- esteem.…

Photo of Dr. David P. Pomeroy M.D.

Dr. David P. Pomeroy M.D.


Bellevue-AddI have been a Board-certified Family Physician since 1979, did general Family Practice for 26 years (office and hospital practice, delivered babies, assisted at surgeries, etc). In 2005 I left traditional medical practice to start a practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and co-occurring conditions. I have seen over 3000 patients of all ages since that time.…

Photo of Kim Proud

Kim Proud


KaelCoLogo1The Kael Company, Inc. specializes in back office management for small companies. We work with individuals and companies to create sound financials procedures and budgets to allow for measureable business improvements.

The company was started in 1994 because Kim’s brother, a gifted artist in the world of outdoor landscapes, could not balance a check book.…

Photo of Dana Rayburn BCC

Dana Rayburn BCC

ADHD Coach, Author

DanaRayburn5I believe the world desperately needs the creativity and ideas of ADHD adults. Yet, until we can focus enough to manage our time and stay organized our potential will remain buried. I used to struggle with ADHD, too. Not anymore. Now it’s my secret weapon. For nearly 20 years I’ve coached hundreds of people to get their ADHD out of the way so they can live more successful and effortless lives.…

Photo of Dr. Kelly Robinson

Dr. Kelly Robinson

ADHD/Executive Function Coach

I have spent the last 25 years working with children, adolescents and young adults as a therapist, professor, researcher, and mentor and underwent my Advanced Coach Training at the International Coach Federation approved training program through the ADD Coach Academy.
I hold certificates in Social Justice Mediation from the Department of Legal Studies Alternative Conflict Resolution at University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Mindfulness Training from Zen Master Thich Naht Hahn.…

Photo of Linda S Roggli

Linda S Roggli


ADHD women 40-and-better have special issues and needs. I’m an expert in menopause, hormones, memory as they related to women diagnosed later in life. I run the ADDiva Network as a support system for brilliant women who are struggling to stay on top of their lives (probably wearing that uncomfortable mask pretending to be normal).…

Photo of Melissa Maguire Rutherford

Melissa Maguire Rutherford

Life Coach; President of Melissa Coaching Inc. & Co Owner of ADDProfessionals Inc.

I am an International Certified Life Coach specializing in support, structure & education  for  college students, career planning & professional adults;

I  graduated from ADD Coach Academy and earned my ACCG certification.  I have a professional coaching certification (PCC)  from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am currently a certified Edge coach & have recently earned my CSS (Career & Life Planning Services). …

Photo of Dr. Vinay Saranga M.D.

Dr. Vinay Saranga M.D.


Hello, I’m Dr. Vinay Saranga and I love working with children and adolescents. It’s tremendously rewarding to see a confused, angry or despondent child begin to calm, manage his responsibilities, and enjoy better relationships at school and at home.

Adolescents have special struggles because of their distinctive stage in life. Hormone fluctuations, social pressures such as they’ve never experienced before, combined with academic pressures, and expectations from the world around them, can be overwhelming to a teenager, and often are.…

Photo of Holly Seerley MFT

Holly Seerley MFT

Holly Seerley, MFT

Are you frustrated with not being able to follow through on the important goals of your life? Do details elude you? Is your phone, hat, briefcase always in jeopardy of being left somewhere, who knows where? Does you spouse complain that they feel like a parent to you?

When successful, do you fear that you will be discovered as an impostor, someone who should not be in your position or have the partner you have?…

Photo of Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton


Welcome to Organizing Maniacs® – Serving clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

There are times when you can get away with an out-of-place pile of paper, a computer that needs recycling, or some clothing in a closet that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Then, there is more junk mail arriving, new electronics being purchased, and the inflow of stuff into your home that does not stop.…

Photo of Andrea Sharb

Andrea Sharb

Photo of Andrea Sharb CPO-CD, ACC, COC, CPO

Andrea Sharb CPO-CD, ACC, COC, CPO

Certified Professional Organizer and ADHD/Productivity Coach

My name is Andrea Sharb and my mission is to help you overcome your overwhelm.

ADHD, as you may know, is a brain-based disorder.   My clients with ADHD are some of the most remarkable people I know, but they’re often overcome by overwhelm. They are struggling with managing their time demands, their paperwork and their lives. …

Photo of Kristine K. Shiverick M.Ed., ACG, CACP

Kristine K. Shiverick M.Ed., ACG, CACP

ADHD and Executive Function Coach


Kristine Shiverick, M.Ed., ACG, CACP is a professionally trained ADHD and Executive Function Coach. As founder of A.B.L.E Coaching for ADHD, Kristine provides coaching to help individuals and families impacted by ADHD learn about the unique wiring of the ADHD brain, discover effective strategies, minimize the challenges of ADHD, and live the life they want to live.

Photo of Lynn A. Shumaker MS ED, AAC

Lynn A. Shumaker MS ED, AAC

ADHD Coach & Speaker

Logo-LShumakerI have experienced ADHD in my family and classroom. I too, am the inattentive type, discovered in my 50’s. I use my passion to educate the world about ADHD, by sharing information, strategies, and the strengths within each of us. ADHD is a trait, just like being nearsighted. You will always be nearsighted, but you learn how to adapt and do what works for you!…

Photo of Michelle Silbert M.S.W.,MBTI

Michelle Silbert M.S.W.,MBTI

Ignite Your Sparks! Educational & Career Consulting

I’m a college and career consultant specialized in strength-based personalized coaching. I have a Bachelor in Psychology from Wesleyan University and a Master in Social Work and Public Health from Boston University. I see myself as a guide or facilitator, who meets you on your own terms, to help you assess who you are and what you want, and decide together what steps you are ready to take to get there.  …

Photo of Dr. Stephanie Smith

Dr. Stephanie Smith


When ADHD symptoms are present, parents and patients often wonder where to start. They are afraid of a rush to judgment and at the same time worry about a drawn out process of expensive testing.

At Focus-MD we view ADHD as a medical problem, not a psychological one. We are committed to quality medical care that ensures plenty of time with a Board Certified Physician and FDA cleared testing to make a precise diagnosis.…

Photo of Linda Williams Swanson MA, ACG, ACC, CACP

Linda Williams Swanson MA, ACG, ACC, CACP

ADHD Coach

The challenges of living with ADHD are quite familiar to me. I lived with my husband for thirty-five years before we finally discovered that ADHD was underlying most of our challenges. Neil was diagnosed twelve years ago, at a time when not all doctors and counselors were aware that adults could even have ADHD. Most thought ADHD was a condition of childhood, to be outgrown in adulthood.…

Photo of William R. Todd IV

William R. Todd IV


Hello! As a psychologist working in private practice, I see many individuals and couples for therapy/counseling, and I also specialize in the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD and learning disabilities. Although I only provide therapy services to older teens and adults, I have many years experience providing assessment services to individuals of all ages. The best way to learn more about me and/or my practice is to visit my website:…

Photo of Dulce Torres

Dulce Torres


Dulce, believe every person can achieve their dreams, use their strengths, and discover their potential through coaching or therapy.

Today, Dulce Torres is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and a Board Certified Coach specializing in ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  She believes everyone has the potential to live a life beyond limitation.

Dulce provide ADHD coaching (face to face & online), parent training and coaching, individual & family therapy, couples therapy, ADHD evaluations, Executive Functions coaching, and training.…

Photo of Caroline Totah

Caroline Totah


I am an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Organizer Coach®, Certified Professional Organizer® and RN,  who specializes in working with adults who have ADHD, learning differences, mood disorders, and other challenges that affect focus and executive function. I offer a compassionate, holistic approach to help you achieve your organizing and time management goals.…

Photo of Elizabeth Tramonte

Elizabeth Tramonte

MS, LPC, LMFT, Clinician/Practitioner

Welcome to my collaborative and multicultural clinic. I value diversity of opinion, connections, and conversations. I am licensed as a Marriage and Family therapist, Professional Counselor, and an Organizational Leadership doctoral candidate (PsyD). Whatever your life circumstances or vocational complexities, if you seek a safe, trusting, and supportive environment in which you are able to examine and clarify the issues that concern you, I can help!…

Photo of Linda Walker

Linda Walker

ADHD Coach

Focus Action SuccessProfessional Certified Coach (ICF)
Trained and specialized in ADHD Coaching
Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach
Bachelor of Administration

Linda Walker is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy (  Since 2005, she has been providing specialized ADHD coaching and training to English- and French-speaking entrepreneurs, professionals, adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other creative geniuses who struggle with productivity, organization and focus.…

Photo of Dan Weigold

Dan Weigold

Dan Weigold is the founder of Coach with HEART, and he works with leaders, people in career transition and those with ADHD.    Dan delivers customized coaching for individuals or groups who want to improve their leadership potential, teamwork, conflict resolution, anger management, work life harmony, and time management skills as well as managing career transitions.   …

Photo of Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC

Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC

ADHD and Executive Functions Coach, Speaker, Author

I’m Abigail Wurf. I overcame ADHD with strategies that I can teach you. Even if you don’t struggle with ADHD, I can help you achieve more in your chosen profession.

Whether you meet with me one on one or attend a webinar, you will learn and grow. Working with an expert coach can help you achieve new levels of success!…