Celebrate. Empower. Thrive.

ADDA is a worldwide inclusive community of supportive ADHD adults who make it possible to thrive with ADHD. ADDA was created by adults with ADHD for adults with ADHD and is run by adults with ADHD. We celebrate our strengths, grow in our weaknesses, and empower our members to discover and reach their full potential. ADDA provides a welcoming and safe environment, delivers reliable information, encourages innovative approaches, and models ADHD best practices.

We are mission minded and purpose driven.

Our purpose is to make it possible for adults with ADHD to thrive.

Our Mission is to empower adults with ADHD to discover and reach their potential.

ADDA's culture is

We value non-judgmental, safe spaces.

We value curiosity and originality.

We value accurate and trustworthy information.

We value patience, persistence, and purpose. 

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