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I want you to see that ADHD is not a disability; it is a DIFFERENT ABILITY, a superpower – if we learn how to use it. The fact that you can’t do some things doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything well…you just have to find your strengths.



After many years, a tremendous amount of research, coaching, and coach training, I can now focus on the present and the future. I learned how my ADHD affects me, what I could do to minimize the impact of symptoms, and how I could build on my many strengths.



My mentor once told me “it was like looking through a pair of binoculars that were out of focus.” Once they were focused I could finally see things clearly. I thank my mentor and higher power for this journey. It has made me unique and I am finally where I am supposed to be.



Since I found out about my ADHD, I am a new and improved person. I am far from perfect but a hundred percent better, and every day I improve.



I’m calmer now and put it down to the relief of being diagnosed, and of course, the healthy, ADHD-friendly lifestyle I’ve learned to adopt since discovering what I was dealing with. So post ADHD diagnosis, life is great. I’m calm, clear, and confident. I always do the best I can, and that’s good enough.



I am slowly (but surely) learning how to advocate for myself by reading about adult ADHD, sharing my experiences, and joining organizations such as ADDA.



I believe this difference (ADHD) is precisely the value I bring to the table. I believe society is enriched by differences, not only cultural, but of intellect.