Celebrity Chef with ADHD Wants to Inspire Others

Jennifer Herrera cooks for celebrities in New York City and uses YouTube and the internet to reach out to Latinos and others with ADHD to show them they too can succeed.

Herrera has overcome many obstacles growing up and she currently works as a celebrity chef. Herrera was diagnosed with ADHD later in life as an adult. She is a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and Cornell University where she has found support for students with learning disabilities.

Watch her story as she describes growing up with ADHD aspiring to become a chef:

In the 4-minute video she says as she holds back tears, “It’s funny I can focus on 101 things at one time, but I can’t focus on one thing at a time.”

To help Herrera with her focus, she has a daily spiritual-based routine that includes exercise and meditation. She said it helps tremendously. She starts each day with prayer and meditation then follows that with chanting and exercise before she prepares her breakfast.

Herrera says her customers ask for French, Italian and Americana food most often, but they crave her authentic Spanish dishes most.

“As a Latina celebrity chef, what I can bring to the table is a source of inspiration and encouragement to other aspiring Latin American chefs who would love the opportunity to be a chef and show them how really simple it is to just follow your heart.”

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