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Happy Holidays! From All of Us at ADDA, to All of You… Wherever You Are!

ADDA is an international organization with members around the world, all of whom are part of the adults-with-ADHD “tribe.” One thing ADDA has always been and will continue to be is inclusive and accepting of all members of this tribe. That’s why at ADDA, we try to be sensitive, avoiding “Christmas” greetings in favor of […]

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The Gift of a Holiday Spending Plan

Patti Snow interviews Abraham Breuer With the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us many ADHDers feel the familiar overwhelm creeping up on us. As an adult with ADHD one of the main stresses experienced is the financial hole caused by impulse spending. ADDA recently hosted a Finance Fitness Workshop which addressed this very […]

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ADD is a Part of Me and Now, It’s the Best Part

By Evan Kirstein, M. Ed, ACC, CACP I have ADD. Which means by the time I was 6, I was known for being lazy, short tempered, unprepared, forgetful, a daydreamer and a troublemaker. But also… the class comedian, a heart-breaker, a highly creative problem solver, and ambidextrous – but maybe that was because my handwriting […]

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ADDA Position Statement on the 2016 US Presidential Election

Following the most contentious, divisive election in the history of the United States, we know there may be understandable consternation and uncertainty among ADDA members. Some might wonder if recent and upcoming political events will impact our tight-knit community here at ADDA. ADDA is proudly welcoming and supportive of all people, regardless of their backgrounds, […]

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Hey Chicago What Do You Say? Everyone’s ADHD Today!

Generations of Chicago Cub’s fans have long held the hope for a World Series Championship.  The mantra “Wait until next year” was as much as part of Chicago culture as deep dish pizza and crooked politicians. We were the Lovable Losers, the legendary record holders of underachievement in baseball history. That all changed at midnight […]

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My Little Sister Has ADHD

ADHD can be confusing and overwhelming. Getting diagnosed in the first place isn’t easy. Anger and/or sadness often accompany processing the ADHD diagnosis, because you have ADHD, and because you wish you knew sooner. Others experience relief, that finally there’s an explanation, a reason that life’s challenges have not been entirely their fault. Then, there’re […]

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ADDA is ADHD at Work!

As our grand finale of ADHD Awareness Month, ADDA is launching a new website today! This Website, ADHD at Work (,) was built specifically to help employees and employers navigate the complexities of adult ADHD at work. The website offers constructive advice for those living with the condition while attempting to succeed in the world […]

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Becoming More Aware, Each October and All Year Long

My family, and the friends I have left, are made aware daily that I have ADHD. Each day is a struggle for me to keep going, to keep motivated and to live a life that most people take for granted. I focus on so many baby steps each day that I get lost in that […]

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Happy “Coming Out” Day

Today is Tuesday, October 11, and ADDA is publishing a special issue of the ADDA Insider. It’s ADHD Awareness Month, so we’ve scheduled an issue each Wednesday through the month, but in celebration of another special day, we’re publishing the ADDA Insider a day early. ADDA embraces diversity, and today we have an article to […]

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ADHD Driving Program IMAGE

Top Driver Program Improves ADHD Driving

A Midwest driving school has created a driving school specifically to improve driving skills that ADHD drivers tend to overlook so as to cut down on traffic violations and improve driver safety. This program teaches drivers the unwritten rules of the road to ensure a smoother driving experience for ADHD drivers and the drivers around […]

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