TADD 2019 – Time Management. Not For You? Think Again!

We’ve got an excellent “TADD” Talk for you today! As part of ADHD Awareness Month and our special activities, ADDA has created TADD Talks, where we’ll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October!

In today’s TADD talk, Joyce Kubik, discusses “Time Management. Not For You? Think Again!


And if you enjoyed today’s TADD Talk, you’ll want to learn more about what Joyce has to offer.

A pioneer in the field of ADHD coaching, Joyce Kubik, CMC, is an adjunct instructor for students with ADHD. She is the author of four books on ADHD and published the groundbreaking study, Efficacy of ADHD Coaching for Adults with ADHD (JAD 3/2010). She was awarded Honorable Mention at the Harvard Institute of Coaching in Boston in 2018, and won the ACO Founder’s Award in 2018. She has made presentations to schools, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and organizations since 1998. Kubik ran two CHADD support groups for 15 years and is the immediate past president of the ADHD Coaches Organization.

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