Contribute, Each In Your Own Way

ADDA recognizes the potential in each individual. ADDA exists because adults with ADHD felt they needed the support of an organization that understood their unique needs.

Every gift is appreciated. If you’ve been blessed and would like to give back to your community and help adults with ADHD, donating to ADDA is one of the most efficient ways of making a difference. For more than 25 years, ADDA has accomplished much, always while stretching the budget to get the most out of every penny.

ADDA is a team effort where everyone gives what they can. If you are struggling financially, give what you can. If you’d like to help more, remember ADDA is a volunteer-run organization and we always need help. It takes money to keep the servers running and the programs working, but it also takes busy hands to make all the things we do happen. How can you contribute?

We thank each of you!

ADDA would also like to thank our partners, corporations and individuals that share our vision of a better world for adults with ADHD. ADDA’s assessment procedure and policies ensure we partner with corporations, foundations, federal agencies and associations committed to the values and mission of our organization. Their generous support helps ADDA provide programs and services that help adults with ADHD live better lives.

By working with ADDA to help adults with ADHD, our partners are able to demonstrate their commitment to philanthropy as well as to reach potential consumers, employees and members. Our partners contribute to ADDA through such activities such as event sponsorships, grants for programs and services, volunteer engagement and workplace giving.

We thank you!

ADDA is proud to partner with foundations and companies whose generous support makes our mission to help adults with ADHD live better lives possible.

If your organization offers products and services for adults with ADHD and you’re looking to build brand loyalty within your target market, you’ll definitely be interested in reaching ADDA members and promoting your offer as an ADDA sponsor.