Do you love ADDA?

Volunteers created the ADDA you see today to help adults with ADHD to thrive. If you’re new to ADDA, we invite you to explore. Get to know ADDA. We want every ADDA member to feel at home. And we want our volunteers to be able to make them feel that way.

Try our services. Sample our Webinars. Attend some support groups and connect with fellow members. And when you’re ready to take on ADDA’s mission as your own, we know you’ll want to help out with the chores.

Out of the box thinkers? Yes, please.

ADDA is a great place to volunteer no matter who you are. We value diversity, cultural competency, and equity. You’ll make a difference in your community. And we’ll give you the chance to do what you love while you work with your strengths. Don’t know what your strengths are? You’ll want to learn more about that.

Are you looking to give back to the ADHD community? Want to break into a new career? Learn a new skill? Build new friendships? Or beef up your resume? ADDA’s the place for you.

How do you know you’re ready?

We empower adults with ADHD to discover and reach their potential. ADDA is a safe place where adults with ADHD can take risks that lead to progress. Your personal growth comes from:
  • Discovering your ADHD using ADDA’s resources
  • Making connections that help you achieve goals.
  • Learning ADHD self-management best practices.
  • Mastering skills to interact with the “neurotypical” world.
  • Personal service and giving back to your community.
When you’re ready to serve and give back, come see us.

You’ve seen what we offer. You know how we work. What do you want to do?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the chance? Do you think you’d be good at something, but haven’t dared try it? Would you like the chance to become good at something? Want to become a leader? Would you like to explore your strengths while marching to the beat of your own drum? Volunteering with ADDA is your chance!