New ADDA Spark Session:
Whoops, I Did It Again
June 11, 2022

Discover how to address cognitive errors, move on from them and live a happier life!

We’ve all been there. A moment or situation where your inner world doesn’t match what’s happening around you. These mismatches between your thoughts/feelings and reality are called cognitive errors.

Folks with ADHD need a little extra help recognizing and challenging these thinking errors, which is exactly what this Spark! session will do for you.

Join our facilitator Dr. Tamara Rosier (coach & author of Your Brain’s Not Broken) and walk away with know-how and a practical plan to live a happier, more present and productive life.

It’s time to say goodbye to cognitive distortion! 

Normally, we want as many people to sign up as possible. In this case, we want about 250 people to sign up. But we want to “warn” them about what they’re signing up for. Because a Spark! is unlike anything ADDA’s done in the past (and is unlike anything they’ve seen elsewhere.)

  • A Mini-Spark! is 2.5 hours long plus a social “Meet the Speakers” event afterward. Every other meeting/training about ADHD is much shorter – usually the shorter the better – so it’s a big commitment.
  • The Spark! is not recorded. It’s a live, interactive event, that requires your participation. People are used to signing up, promising themselves they’ll watch the recording (which they probably won’t.)
  • There’s a social element to this you don’t really get anywhere else in a virtual environment. So, if you love being at live events and have really suffered during the pandemic, this will help. We work together in small groups and get to know other people, and we get to hang out in the ADDAverse afterward.
  • You’ll be encouraged via email and text to take action, both before and after the session.
  • There’s a follow up session one month later to provide accountability.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

– 3 PM in Los Angeles
– 6 PM in New York
– 11 PM in London

Sunday, June 11, 2022

– Midnight in Berlin
– 2 AM in Abu Dhabi
– 6 AM in Singapore
– 8 AM in Sydney