Renee Sanger-Albert, J.D.

Renee Sanger-AlbertRenee Sanger-Albert is a licensed attorney and graduate level trained in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).

The realization of her own ADD came shortly after her oldest daughter’s diagnoses of Twice Exceptional/2E/ADD in 2016.

Renee is committed to helping spread awareness in the community, from schools to workplaces, for the need of more trained professionals in the ADD field and in helping to change the paradigm through which ADD is perceived by the public, by highlighting the gifts and brilliance often seen in ADD adults and children and the unique contributions and perspectives ADD people can offer to society.

Renee lives in Boulder, Colorado, has two little girls, and loves to read, write and hike in the Rockies, in her spare time. She is also a certified yoga instructor. If you don’t see her out, she can likely be found on her mat, usually upside down.