Founder and Principal of ADDed Perspective Coaching, Renee is an ADHD Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Support Group Facilitator, Co-Chair for ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support & Workgroups Committee, and Board Member. She is currently based in the stunning Pacific Northwest (Bellevue, WA), but supporting adults with ADHD all over the world through the wonders of modern technology.

Renee received her formal ADHD and ADHD Coach training through the ADD Coach Academy. The highly regarded and only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and PAAC (Professional Association of ADHD Coaches). She graduated from their Basic Coaching Training and Advanced Coach Training programs and other instructional training, completing over 245 hours of training with ADDCA.

Renee’s diagnosis, ADHD: Primarily Inattentive Type, in her late 30s, has kept her connected and drawn to those with a similar experience. An adult diagnosis often comes with a complicated and challenging path of relief, but also grief, regrets, “what-ifs” along with a lot of patterns and habits. Working through that maze can be daunting, lonely, painful and exhausting. She discovered there are ways it can be easier.

Her passions are fed through helping others discover how that can be created for them through her work as an ADHD Coach, Consultant and volunteer Facilitator for ADDA’s Adult Beginners ADHD Virtual Support Group and an in-person ADHD Parent Support Group in Bellevue, Washington.

One of her previous lives included 13 years as an Elementary Educator during which, thousands of hours of training and research in learning challenges with specific focus on ADHD was a pivotal point in leading her to her own evaluation and diagnosis. It was pivotal, but also extremely painful and traumatic, seeking treatment for ADHD, anxiety and depression concurrently, going through a divorce, disclosing to her employer, fighting for accommodations, having to engage her union, increased scrutiny, judgment and discrimination that she, at the time, never believed would be the case in an educational setting. She has since learned she was not, by any stretch, the only one who has experienced that in the workplace!

Continuing to educate, support & advocate for adults with ADHD and all it’s accompaniments, is the reason she is so committed to her work here at ADDA and all its current and future members!

5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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