Michael Phillips, Esq is an Attorney who specializes in Real Estate law and land development and has been working in Real Estate since 2003. Working in the legal field, Michael has had a chance to witness firsthand what the justice system and the American socioeconomic system can do to people with ADHD when it is not treated. Michael was diagnosed as an adult, at the age of 40 and discovered ADDA through their educational resources. As important as any medication, is the ability to apply ADHD friendly techniques to develop strategies that one can use to “stay on top of their ADHD” as Dr. Ari Tuckman says often. Michael works with ADDA in several capacities from education to peer support. Michael often works directly with Romanza McAllister, LCSW and Kofi Obeng in The African American/African Diaspora Peer Support group where topics have included ADHD and acceptance, disclosure of ADHD to Friends family and loved ones, and anxiety and stress management. Outside of his legal practice, Michael works to help create programs to work with at risk teens and adults through his Church and a network of other Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Churches through prison outreach and other community programs.