Jennifer Glover is a seasoned Program Manager with over a decade of experience driving complex projects and strategic initiatives across multiple industries. Renowned as a “process powerhouse,” Jennifer excels in establishing robust project management systems and streamlining operations to enhance efficiency and achieve business goals. Holding an MBA in Executive Leadership and a PMP certification, she skillfully leverages Agile methodology, strategic planning, and cross-functional collaboration to deliver impactful results.

A lifelong learner, Jennifer thrives on curiosity and a “T-shaped” skill set, which have been pivotal throughout her career. Her greatest motivation is to learn—whether it’s acquiring a new skill, understanding customer pain points, or embracing new perspectives—and to apply critical thinking flexibly. Equally passionate about teaching, Jennifer finds immense fulfillment in sharing her knowledge with others, a passion she channels through her volunteer work at the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA). At ADDA, she develops strategic goals, supports the online community, and facilitates virtual peer support groups, demonstrating her dedication to fostering inclusive and supportive communities.