Ally Martin, ADHD Awareness Coalition Representative

Ally Martin is an ADHD life coach and founder of Attention Solutions where she works with adolescents and adults to overcome ADHD-related obstacles and create strategies for success. Ally’s journey with ADHD started in the same way as many others. Throughout her life, she knew she was struggling, but she didn’t know why until her oldest daughter started displaying symptoms of ADHD. As she started researching it, she realized that not only did her daughter fit the description, so did she.

It wasn’t long before Ally realized that there was a serious lack of support for people with ADHD in her area. She was left to do the research on her own, and she spent years of trial and error attempts to overcome ADHD-related obstacles. Not wanting anyone else to struggle the way she and her daughter did, Ally vowed to help others with ADHD.

Ally is continuing with her mission to help others with ADHD through coaching and her involvement with ADDA.