ADDA’s Retail Policies

Appearing in ADDA’s Catalog is Not Necessarily An Endorsement

ADDA will never endorse a product or service we didn’t create ourselves. However, there are great products and services out there, and when companies list their offer in the ADDA catalog, you benefit, not only from ADDA’s great services, but by discovering new products and services that may serve you well.

We’ll never tell you what to buy or say that one product or service is better than another, but we know you want to help ADDA, and we want to keep helping you. ADDA will to continue its mission of helping adults with ADHD live better lives, and we encourage you to join us in this endeavor.

As always, thank you for your continued commitment to this wonderful organization!

Our partners provide most of the products and services appearing in our catalog, and when you make your purchase through their Web site, their policies apply to your purchase. When you purchase ADDA’s own products or services, the following policies apply:

ADDA Merchandise Refund Policy

Refunds for merchandise shall only be issued upon the return, in good order, of the merchandise.  Returns shall be at the purchaser’s expense.  Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

ADDA Refund Policy – Other items and Events

There shall be no refunds for purchases/downloads of electronic media. All events/seminars/trainings shall be subject to a refund policy established for that event. Refund policy shall be published via the ADDA website for the event in advance of the event.

ADDA Membership Refund Policy

When a member chooses to terminate their membership, no refund of the prepaid dues will be provided. All member benefits, including access to member areas of the Web site, access to Webinars and Webinar recordings, discounts on services, etc. cease on termination. The amount retained is an administrative charge, not membership fee.