Welcome to #ADHDCon2020!

We are thrilled to announce once again, ADDA, CHADD and the ACO are partnering to bring you the 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD. It will be happening November 5-7, 2020. This online-only event will still bring together adults, coaches, organizers, educators, parents/caregivers, physicians, psychologists, researchers and healthcare providers from around the world who are part of the ADHD community.

This virtual conference will include all of your favorites:

  • Keynote Sessions
  • ADHD Professional Institute Sessions (API)
  • General Conference Sessions
  • Networking Sessions
  • Non-Session Activities
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Talent Show

Our virtual conference will let you to participate in a global-scale event with no travel cost. The virtual format offers unique opportunities! You attend live, meet the speakers, meet your peers and make new friends! But we’ll also keep the event open 2 weeks after the live event. No one would wish for the situation we’re coping with, but offering a virtual conference is an opportunity to reach the global ADHD community. No one on Earth is too far away to travel to this virtual Conference!

If you’ve never been to the International ADHD Conference, or if you’ve been waiting for us to hold the Conference close enough for you to attend, your wish is granted! We’re coming to your nearest computer!

At the 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD, we’ll be using the latest technology to offer a close-to-live-as-possible experience (better in some cases – no one will kick you out to the room before the speaker answers your question!) Interact with speakers, experts, exhibitors, friends and fellow attendees through live-streaming video and chat sessions.

Stay tuned!  More information will be coming your way on the 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD!


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      • Annette Tabor
      • May 13, 2020

      Wow! This is exiting news! This will make it more affordable for more people to attend the conference! I can’t wait!
      I am sure we will have plenty of opportunities to meet virtually with our Conference friends! “See” you there!

    1. Reply

      I’m pleased that I don’t have to worry for months about the possibility of flying to Dallas and navigating a massive airport and hotel in these times. Thanks for getting ahead of this early! I will miss seeing my colleagues and friends in person, but I look forward to some virtual gatherings before, during, or after the conference.

      • Adam
      • April 24, 2020

      Will the admission fee be the same as if the conference had been held in person?

        • Judy
        • May 24, 2020

        Please update me and send the
        latest on the Online, Virtual ADHA
        International Conference, as soon as
        it’s available.

      • Reply

        There will be a different fee structure, but the costs and fees have not been finalized yet. However, you won’t need to travel or stay at a hotel for the duration of the event, so the Conference as a whole will be much more affordable.

    2. Reply

      Outstanding news! Excellent solution. Bravo to all involved for making this happen! Looking forward to attending.

      • Leslie Darga
      • April 22, 2020

      Great way to turn Lemons into Lemonade! So should we cancel our hotel reservations?

      • Reply

        Yes, you may want to cancel your hotel reservations – unless you wanted to go to Dallas, conference or not.

    3. Reply

      Advertising opportunities?
      Speaker opportunities?
      Thanks, Sharon

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