Leaders: Lynn Shumaker & Sandy Orban
Sessions: 90 minutes
2nd & 4th Tuesdays: May 14 & 28, June 11 & 25
Time: 7 pm Eastern/ 6 pm Central/ 5 pm Mtn./ 4 pm Pacific

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Women with ADD/ADHD are often diagnosed later in life. As adults, we’re at risk for divorce, single-parenting, unstable finances, not completing college, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, and under-employment. That said, common ADD traits also include, above average intelligence, the gift of gab, an adventurous spirit, high energy, and creativity.

Join us as we share our experiences, fears, and hopes, explore our strengths, and draw inspiration from each other.

The ADDA+ online support group for women over 50 provides a safe place for women with ADD/ADHD to give and receive advice, support, and encouragement.

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Lynn Schumaker Bio

  • Lynn A. Shumaker MS ED, AAC ADHD Coach & Speaker

    I have experienced ADHD in my family and classroom. I too, am the inattentive type, discovered in my 50’s. I use my passion to educate the world about ADHD, by sharing information, strategies, and the strengths within each of us. ADHD is a trait, just like being nearsighted. You will always be nearsighted, but you learn how to adapt and do what works for you! And you know what? I always thought being super nearsighted meant that I couldn’t see anything a foot from my face. That was the deficit side! But I never knew that I really had super close vision! I could see things up close like I had a magnifying glass! Well, ADHD is like that too! That is the gift of a deficit. A super power that no one knew existed. Super sensitive, cries too easily or just very empathetic and caring! Not able to focus, not true when stuck on something of interest, then it’s hyper-focus!

    I am a graduate from Attention Deficit Disorder Coach Academy. I have attended CHADD National conferences, and ADDA to learn many new strategies that guide people to use their strengths with their struggles. I love working with adults and parents who are looking for a compassionate partner to support them through this journey. My training in Relax Kids allows me to bring a hands-on approach using mindfulness and meditation to my coaching practice. Children and parents learn how to calm themselves when in stressful situations. I am particularly skilled at helping adults achieve success in testing situations. We don’t cure traits we are born with, but we learn how to adapt and use our strengths to fulfill our purpose in life. What is your purpose and how are you going to reach it? I love using my compassionate and creative side! I love to coach, it gives me a great purpose! I really enjoy being connected with my clients and learning from your life experiences! Come meet me at one of ADDA’s virtual support groups or call me for a conversation by phone. I’d love nothing more than to be able to chat and have you share with me about how your life is growing with each challenge.

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  • Sandy Orban

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