Leader: Michelle Price
Meetings: TBD
Sessions: 60 minutes
Dates: Group Returning Fall 2020

Entrepreneur Mastermind Group

Welcome business owners, indie professionals, entrepreneurial leaders and
innovators to this exclusive MasterMind group limited to only 8 members.

  • Collaborate
  • Brainstorm
  • Get constructive criticism
  • Contribute to each other’s success
  • Enhance your personal growth
  • Get input from your own brain trust.

This is a group for successful people who want to take it to the next level.
Finally, MasterMind meets your ADHD strengths, be a part of this select group.

Tap into the experience of this group of like-minded high achievers.
We will bring the structure, accountability, and rigor, the group will determine ground rules, tone and results.

Each participant gets a chance to be in the HOT SEAT and present an issue, upcoming project, or business problem – use the MasterMind team as a sounding board or brainstorm and garner advice from those with experience and know how.

Leverage the motivation & imagination of your peers to thrive. You do not have to be alone in your project, tap into the brain trust assembled for this MasterMind group.

 Group Leader Information


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