The Power of Connection

By Duane Gordon

It’s a powerful experience.

I (and over a thousand of my closest friends) attended the 2018 International Conference on ADHD last weekend. It is uplifting to rub elbows (spill drinks and interrupt conversations) with people succeeding in every field. People like me. I met artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, specialists, leaders, scientists, writers and more. Blazing new trails. Each with qualities I admire and want to emulate.

Is this the best “treatment” for ADHD? It is certainly the thing that had the biggest positive impact in my life!

LeDerick Horne’s opening keynote on Thursday set a high bar for every speaker. And they rose to the occasion. Eduardo Briceño led an interactive experience for a transfixed audience revealing the secrets of a growth mindset. And Dr. Russell Barkley unveiled new research that will transform how policy-makers view ADHD. The annual Talent Show demonstrated how creative ADHDers are. And Jessica McCabe sent us off to another year of striving to realize our dreams energized and empowered.

My ADHD diagnosis was hard on my hopes and dreams. I knew I had potential, because everyone told me so. Of course, they also mentioned I wasn’t living up to it. And now I feared I never would. I was broken. What could I achieve with ADHD?

Today, I know ADHD can’t prevent you from achieving even your most ambitious dreams. It does mean you must follow a different path. That’s the power of surrounding yourself with other people with ADHD. Finding your path to success is easier when you can connect with people who have blazed the trail.

If you have ADHD and have never been to an ADHD Conference, do yourself a favor. Empower yourself. If someone in your family has ADHD and they’ve never been to an ADHD Conference, give them this gift. Empower them. It is much easier (not easy, but easier) to succeed when you know someone like you has gone before.

It’s been more than 20 years since my ADHD diagnosis. I’ve worked hard to master my ADHD. And I’ve made significant progress. But nothing has had a more profound impact than attending the ADHD Conference each year. Seeing other people with ADHD succeed gives you hope. Seeing people who have achieved what you’ve hardly dared dream marks the path you can follow.

Did you attend the 2018 Conference? Everyone would love to hear about your experience. Share your best connection or best moment in the comments.

If you missed the 2018 Conference in St. Louis, come to the 2019 ADHD Conference. Plan to be in Philadelphia November 7 – 10, 2019. Mark your calendar.


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      • aldona.dante2432
      • November 29, 2018

      I would definitely be interested in an ADHD Entrepreneur support group!!

    1. Reply

      Powerful experience it was to attend this amazing conference in St Louis. I came all the way from France ( where everyone knows that ADHD doesn’t exist) Well after this conference I would change this to “French also have ADHD, they just don’t know it yet!!!! Wait this is about to change, slowly but we have to start somewhere.
      I came back to France last week with 2 authors willing to translate their books into French, come and talk about it in Nice in April 2019 during a conference our non-profit organization for ADHD is putting together.
      Jessica Mc Cabe is working on translating her videos for us and Lederick Horne will attend and speak at our conference. I couldn’t wish for more…
      I knew I would learn a lot from that conference, I didn’t realize how much, and how you guys are bringing awareness, knowledge for people with ADHD in such a positive, enthusiastic, and friendly way. We definitely need to bring this positive American energy to France.

      I met truly amazing people, from teachers to parents to authors, I laughed a lot, cried also, often found myself in the wrong room at the wrong time and nobody cared, it was just normal! This was probably the first time in my life I felt normal, and not being ashamed for being late ( most of the people were:-) so yes people need to go to those conferences: it’s a life-changing, friends making, amazing connection experience and give you the energy to cope better with your ADHD.
      I will definitely be back next year and this time I will try not to miss my plane… Air France is not ADHD Friendly, I had to buy two other tickets to get there only a few hours before the conference started, so it was an expensive experience but truly worth it.
      I really thank all the people that made this conference so amazing. Merci.

      • Nancy
      • November 18, 2018

      I am 65+ and am floundering in retirement. Structure less is detrimental to me. Where can I find help in a group ? Nw Chicago area, schaumburg

        • adda-ADMIN
        • November 19, 2018

        We have a number of virtual support groups accessible by Web conference or telephone. This saves travel time (especially good in Chicago in the winter!) and allows you to connect with people like you. Visit to learn more about what’s available.

    2. Reply

      Hi –

      Is there a chat room where successful adhd entrepreneurs can share?

      I have it – I’m getting myself out of the weeds and in my stride thanks to medication therapy and education –
      I am missing my key component of connect – here in San Francisco

        • adda-ADMIN
        • November 19, 2018

        We are not aware of a chat room for ADHD entrepreneurs. We suspect there is demand for a place for ADHD entrepreneurs to connect and support each other, so we will likely be introducing that in the new year. We are interested in sharing stories of successful ADHD entrepreneurs to inspire and encourage other ADHD adults who may be considering starting their own business. If you, or other ADHD entrepreneurs, would be willing to share your story, we’d love to interview you.

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