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My name is Emily Dorffer. I’d like to share with you a publication opportunity for disabled writers.

With the help of staff at Johns Hopkins University, I am compiling a short story anthology exclusively featuring short stories written by people with disabilities. All the stories will feature disabled main characters.

My aim to spread awareness of a variety of disabilities through accurate, heartfelt representations written by the people who live with them every day. I also hope to encourage more authors to write about disabled characters while avoiding stereotypes. I would greatly appreciate your assistance (and your stories!)

If you have questions, please contact me at


      • I will be accepting submissions from July 1st to October 1st, 2017.
      • Responses to submissions will be sent out in November 2017.
      • The anthology will be published as a free e-book in March 2018.


All submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

      • The story’s protagonist must have a disability. The term “disability”
        encompasses anyone with a physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, or sensory impairment that significantly affects one or more major life functions.
      • Only disabled individuals who are 16 years old or older may submit.
      • Stories must be between 500 and 7500 words.
      • Each story’s content should be appropriate for readers 13 years old and
        older. It’s fine to have some violence and/or swearing, but it shouldn’t be gratuitous.
      • All genres of stories except for erotica will be considered.
      • Reprints are fine, although previously unpublished stories are preferred.
      • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but writers should let us know if their
        submission is accepted elsewhere.
      • The short story should be in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced.
      • The email should also include the writer’s complete contact information, a
        brief third person biography, and information about their disability.


Submissions should be sent to as Word attachments. Each author may only submit one short story for consideration.

Writers will be paid $30 for the one-time non-exclusive right to publish their story in the anthology. Writers will be paid shortly after the anthology is published.

We all look forward to reading your stories!


Emily Dorffer

  1. Reply

    Poop… I just came across this today. It’s too bad, really. I write very well for someone who doesn’t write (wait…I don’t know if I expressed that very well). If any of you just followed that “humor,” your meds are at least minimally sufficient.

    I have ADHD, inattentive type with anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed at age early-40-something because it was making my anxiety boldly go where my anxiety had not gone before.

    Anywho, I say, for those of us who have missed the deadline, we connect, write, and submit our work with a different opportunity that is as worthy as this one. With perseverance and teamwork, I’m positive we can share our stories with the world. And I think we could easily do this within the next eleven years…give or take. Never mind. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Plus, I’m also putting off doing something else right now.

    Sigh… I need more time and energy and fewer children, three fewer. I have three children.

    Okay okay, I’m going to do my one to-do-list item for the day. But first, pants. I should put on some pants. Oh look, pants…on the floor…right in front of me. I guess I’m good to go. Wait, I need socks. Oh! They’re under the pants. It’s gonna be a good day.

    I’m thirsty.

    Oh, hey, I sell Scentsy. If you’re not interested, no big deal. I just do it for something different to do. So, whatever.

    Umm. I bet 3 people read this…tops.

    Aw crap! I gotta go do my chore thingy.


      • carrieaallmon
      • June 11, 2018

      *Hilarious,* Bob! I’ll bet more than just me has read your post, I just am taking the detour to comment! 😉 Yes, shouldn’t I be doing AT LEAST four other things right now? I’ve really got it pared down, too!

      Congrats on the pants *and* socks, way to go! 🙂

      I’m thirsty, too. Perfect, I can get my third liter of water in for the day! It’s no wonder – it was hot today, and I just ate some salty chips… but the three liters of water a day goal… check!

      Have a super faboo rest of your day, who ever is reading this!

    • Tia Marie
    • October 12, 2017

    I have also sadly missed the deadline to enter my story…. Ugh its one of the misfortunes of ADHD and its frustrating to say the least. But its also that I didn’t add the date to my calendar. So I also agree and hope that you’ll offer another opportunity to share our stories again in one form or another. Thank you!

  2. Reply

    I am so sorry I missed the deadline. I had not remembered the exact date correctly, and I have been incredibly busy with some other things. I hope to read these stories, and hope you offer this opportunity again.

  3. Reply

    Is it required that the short story be in third person?

      • Admin
      • September 28, 2017

      Hi Dennis,

      First person is fine. 🙂


    • peace2004now
    • September 18, 2017

    Still taking entries?

      • Admin
      • September 18, 2017

      Yes! You can submit your entry until October 1st. 🙂

  4. Reply

    If I can get focused enough to write….

    (*points up* Lmao. That’s what you can title my piece of the book as!)

    But seriously, I like the idea of writing something short, so now I wonder, how do I contain all my selves into 7500 words of less? And lol. Writing about a day learning your new life once you’re called “disabled” is even more busier than when I worked what I thought would become my career! Time? Focus? Now cognitive skills – on!


    Finding all three at once when you have ADHD?


  5. Reply

    Awesome idea. I have ADHD, and I am a mother to a teen with a double diagnosis of autism and ADHD.

    • Jess Shultz
    • July 19, 2017

    Great idea I am a college student with ADHD

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