on-air-TADDTalksWelcome to ADHD Awareness Month at ADDA! ADDA created TADD Talks, where we’ll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October!

You’ve heard of “TED” talks?

Silly question. Everyone’s heard of TED talks.

A riff on “TED talks”, which are 18 minute presentations on a variety of interesting subjects, TADD recordings are only 9 minutes long (we do have a shorter attention span, you know!) on interesting ADHD topics.

This year, we’ve added video to the mix. Mostly, audio, every Friday we’ll release a video TADD Talk! You can watch you favorite experts share their wisdom.

Our speaker lineup is amazing!  You’ll recognize our professionals as “the best of the best,” and they’ll be addressing virtually every topic that could be of interest to adults with ADHD throughout the entire month of October.

Plus, you’ll be able to see many of these speakers in person in at the International Conference on ADHD in St. Louis! Consider this an appetizer!

Each day through the month of October, a new TADD Talk, by one of the foremost experts in adult ADHD will be published right here. It’ll also be posted on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter and emailed to all ADDA subscribers. If you’re not subscribed to the ADDA Insider, you’ll want to get your email on our list today!

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TADD Talk Schedule for October 2018

Keep watching right here to see what’s coming up in ADDA’s TADD Talks.

   Date    Presenter TADD Subject Link to Recording
Oct.1 Alan Brown

How Self-Compassion Can Help You Crush Your ADHD

Listen now.
Oct. 2 Nikki Kinzer, PCC

How To Create More Positive Energy In Your Life

Listen now.
Oct. 3 Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.

Complex ADHD with Comorbid Disorders

Listen now.
Oct. 4 Sari Solden

Untangling – How to Separate Out Your Core Sense of Self From Your Brain Based Challenges

Listen now.
Oct. 5 Linda Roggli

New Research on ADHD Women 40+

Watch now.
Oct. 6 Tara McGuillicudy, SCAC

Practical ADHD-Friendly Ways to Harness the Power of Gratitude

Listen now.
Oct. 7 Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC

My Experience Coaching Those with ADHD Around Sleep Issues

Listen now.
Oct. 8 Alan Graham, Ph.D., PCC, MCAC

Building Resilience in Individuals Impacted by ADHD

Listen now.
Oct. 9 Mark Bertin, M.D.

Making the Most of Homework

Listen now.
Oct. 10 Dr. David Teplin

The Attraction between ADHD and Recreational Cannabis

Listen now.
Oct. 11 Dr. J. Russell Ramsay

Procrastivity and Lessons Learned

Listen now.
Oct. 12 Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC

Executive Function in a Nutshell

Watch now.
Oct. 13 Kari Miller, Ph.D

Control Negative Self-Talk by Balancing 3 Key Brain Systems

Listen now.
Oct. 14 Robin Nordmeyer

So You Have ADHD? Five Key Approaches to Optimize Your Life

Listen now.
Oct. 15 Michael Delman, MEd

How to Procrastinate Effectively

Listen now.
Oct. 16 Joyce Kubik

Embracing ADHD in the Family

Listen now.
Oct. 17 Taylor Jacobson

How to Use Social Accountability to Rescue Your Productivity

Listen now.
Oct. 18 Tamara Rosier, Ph.D.

Confronting Your Dirty Motivation Tricks

Listen now.
Oct. 19 Caroline Maguire, PCC. ACCG, M.Ed.

4 Little Words To Solve Any Social Dilemma: Who Is My Audience?

Watch now.
Oct. 20 Keith Griffin, ACC

Getting sleep when you have ADHD

Listen now.
Oct. 21 Dr. Charles Parker

Neurobiology Changes Predictability for ADHD Treatments

Listen now.
Oct. 22 Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

Gaslighting and ADHD: What Makes You Prone Being Manipulated

Listen now.
Oct. 23 Coach Rudy Rodriguez

4 Keys to Success with ADHD

Listen now.
Oct. 24 Jeremy Didier, ACC, PCAC

The Unique Challenges Facing Mother and Daughters with ADHD

Listen now.
Oct. 25 Laurie Dupar

The Three Questions to Ask If You’re Not Sure Your ADHD Medications Are Working for You

Listen now.
Oct. 26 David Giwerc, MCC, PCC

Why Coaching Is An Important Investment

Watch now.
Oct. 27 Rick Green

Time Management

Listen now.
Oct. 28 Linda Walker, PCC, ACCG, B.Adm

What It Takes To Be a Successful Entrepreneur With ADHD

Listen now.
Oct. 29 Dr. Jane Indergaard

The Continuing Challenge of Under-diagnosis of ADHD for Girls and Women

Listen now.
Oct. 30 Sharon Saline, Psy.D.

Overcoming anxiety so you live more confidently

Listen now.
Oct. 31 Terry Matlen, ACSW

ADHD and Hypersensitivities

Listen now.
Oct. 31 – Bonus TADD Talk James Ochoa, LPC

Rebalance / Reset / Re-envision…. is the Name of Game to Manage the Emotional and Mental Distress of ADHD

Listen now.
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