What you want is what you need

In today’s TADD talk, Adela Baker, discusses, “What you want is what you need


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Adela Baker, PCAC, founded Mind Coach NOLA, LLC in 2016. She coaches adults with executive function skill deficits and turbo thinker benefits—who tend to be innovative, perspicacious, spontaneous, and brilliant people—in both private individual sessions and in groups. She is an internationally sought-out speaker and workshop facilitator.

Adela graduated from Tufts University with dual bachelor’s degrees in French and Spanish and speaks five languages—English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian. Due to her years of working with turbo thinkers, she understands what’s needed to succeed professionally and personally, in addition to what they require for happiness and balance.

She currently resides in New Orleans with her ADHD son and dog, and neurotypical daughter and cat. When not coaching or caring for her children, Adela can be found running, practicing yoga, hula hooping, roller skating and volunteering in her community, especially for ADHD awareness and outdoor adventure programs.

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