Emotions and why we procrastinate

In today’s TADD talk, Madeline O’Reilly, discusses, “Emotions and why we procrastinate.


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Madeline enjoys working with adults and older adolescents with ADHD and Anxiety. She works in private practice in Sydney, Australia.

Madeline has spent the past decade working in a multidisciplinary practice in Sydney. Here is where her interest in ADHD was sparked and she enjoys working in collaboration with other medical professionals, especially Psychiatrists. Prior to this she spent 3 years working in East London for a CBT service that specialised in treating Trauma in adults. Recently, Madeline co-authored a book called ‘Decoding Doing’ with her colleague and friend Jonathan Hassall who is an ADHD Coach. This book has been a long time in the making and presents a model aimed at helping people procrastinate less and achieve more despite having ADHD.

Madeline has presented at both local and international conferences on ADHD, and she has been quoted in local media in relation to ADHD in women and girls.

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