Student Help Page

We understand that starting off on your own can be hard with ADHD. Let us help you soar!

We have some great resources right here on our Web site:

Recommended Resources for College Students with ADHD
College Accommodations
College Peer Support Group
The Evelyn Virginia Farmer Celebratory Membership

Also, we offer a discounted ADDA Student Membership that provides a wealth of support and resources at your fingertips including these perks:

  • Free registration for ADDA’s Webinar series, as well as free access to our entire archives of Webinar recordings and article archives.
  • Exclusive discounts on event prices. Save more than the cost of membership on your ADDA conference and event passes!
  • Exclusive online resources like a free full-access pass to ADDA’s Members-Only section on the Web site, including past Webinar recordings and newsletter archives featuring stacks of articles from ADHD experts and members who really get it.
  • Educational resources offer a chance to interact with ADHD specialists and experts while enhancing your knowledge base and finding up-to-date, accurate, and honest information about ADHD.  Learn about upcoming events, news, and the latest information related to research, treatments, and strategies for adults with ADHD.
  • Networking opportunities guarantee connection with experts, health professionals, researchers, coaches, educators, professional organizers, ADHD advocates, and, most importantly, with other adults with ADHD. With ADDA, you are no longer alone in your struggle.
  • Opportunities for leadership and involvement. ADDA offers a wealth of services and resources for adults with ADHD. We are always looking for members to contribute their strengths in building our mission, providing an excellent opportunity for networking, skill building, and leadership.