ADD is a Part of Me and Now, It’s the Best Part

By Evan Kirstein, M. Ed, ACC, CACP I have ADD. Which means by the time I was 6, I was known for being lazy, short tempered, unprepared, forgetful, a daydreamer and a troublemaker. But also… the class comedian, a heart-breaker, a highly creative problem solver, and ambidextrous – but maybe that was because my handwriting was just as bad with the left hand as it was with my right. ADD is a neurological disorder also known as Attention Deficit Disorder. An ADD brain affects the pre-frontal cortex usually creating obstacles in memory, decision making and task execution. Maturity can be…

Hey Chicago What Do You Say? Everyone’s ADHD Today!

Generations of Chicago Cub’s fans have long held the hope for a World Series Championship.  The mantra “Wait until next year” was as much as part of Chicago culture as deep dish pizza and crooked politicians. We were the Lovable Losers, the legendary record holders of underachievement in baseball history. That all changed at midnight on Nov. 2 as one of the most emotional roller coaster games in baseball history ended with the Cubs victory! The warm midnight air was filled with sirens, fireworks, hoots and hollers of joy and, “Holy Cow”, even a few church bells. People spilled out…

My Little Sister Has ADHD

ADHD can be confusing and overwhelming. Getting diagnosed in the first place isn’t easy. Anger and/or sadness often accompany processing the ADHD diagnosis, because you have ADHD, and because you wish you knew sooner. Others experience relief, that finally there’s an explanation, a reason that life’s challenges have not been entirely their fault. Then, there’re the family, friends, coworkers and others who will either be told or not, and all of the rigmarole involved in deciding who needs to know what. Lastly, there’re challenges after diagnosis, learning about and choosing treatments and seeking solutions. It can be overwhelming. Last month…
tough conversations

Coming Out Day

As we approach the midpoint of ADHD Awareness Month 2016, our LGBTQIA (Queer) brothers and sisters also celebrate National Coming Out Day which was established almost thirty years ago when it wasn’t safe to disclose one’s sexual identity. Although being openly gay is now more widely accepted the fear of coming out remains. Every year on October 11th, the support of this strong community gives many people the courage they need to reveal their true selves to friends and family. As an openly gay man who came out more than twenty years ago and as a man only recently diagnosed…

It’s Not Just Me

It’s not just me who always knew I was different growing up, but I never knew why or how. I didn’t realize until I put myself through college, at the behest of a pushy high school guidance counselor, that I began to meet more people like me from different nearby towns who had the means and access to get a diagnosis of ADHD.I never even heard of ADHD before I started college. When I looked into it myself and checked into doctors, I found out I had ADHD combined type, hyperactivity with impulsivity. Labeling why I was different didn’t make…