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Whether you’re newly diagnosed with adult ADHD, or you’ve simply decided it’s time to take charge of your life and your ADHD, ADDA’s Adult ADHD Starter Kit will start you off on the right foot.

ADDA is the world largest organization dedicated exclusively to helping adults with ADHD live better lives. We’ve been around more than 30 years, so we’ve learned a few things. When you don’t know where to start, the result is predictable: confusion and overwhelm.

ADDA is here to guide you from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be. We’ll help you live your best life as an adult with ADHD.


Here’s what you’ll get:

Your Path Forward, Conquer Your Adult ADHD One Step at a Time by Linda Walker, P.C.C. ADHD Coach and trainer, is your free online 12-week training program. Just for adults with ADHD, this program guides you through a number of small, simple steps that lead to real change in your life.

ADHD Coach Linda Walker

This program sells for $77 but is free for ADDA subscribers.

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Your Path ForwardConquer Your Adult ADHD One Step at a Time, will guide you through a process of making small changes that result in significant improvements in your life quickly. Designed especially for adults with ADHD, this program is available anywhere via the Web. If you’re struggling with your ADHD, this is Your Path Forward to get started on the right foot and headed in the right direction.


Recordings (with text) of Two of ADDA’s Most Popular Webinars

You’ll also receive recordings of 2 of the most-popular programs for new adults with ADHD from ADDA’s webinar series:

  • How a Failure Learned to Succeed with Jessica McCabe
  • The 6-Step ADHDology Adult Treatment Approach with Gene Carroccia

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ADDA is your valuable and trusted source of all the latest science-based, proven, reliable information on adult ADHD. Every issue is packed with articles, advice, solutions and recommendations exclusively for adults with ADHD. Plus, as a subscriber, you’ll be notified of all the latest services available from ADDA and partners:

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“Thank you so much. The recordings are wonderful. As a young woman recently diagnosed at 28 and with a graduate degree in psychology, I had no idea of the genetic component and the science behind it allows me to understand the amount of control I have in modifying my own behavior. ADHD isn’t something I ‘deal’ with; it is something I can control. I manage my symptoms and understand how I can utilize them. Working with them instead of making them my enemy all of these years has been a great help. ADDA is a great resource – it allows an individual to have a wealth of information in a concise format at their fingertips from various experts.

Thank you again,


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