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Whether you’re a newly diagnosed with adult ADHD, or decided it’s time to take charge of your life 
and your ADHD, ADDA’s Adult ADHD Starter Kit will start you off on the right foot

Your Path Forward Program

Your Path Forward: Conquer Your Adult ADHD One Step at a Time (12-week training program)

Lead by Linda Walker, P.C.C. ADHD Coach and trainer, and created for adults with ADHD. This program guides you through a number of small, simple steps that lead to real change in your life.
This program sells for $77, but is free in the Starter Kit

Two of ADDA’s Most Popular Webinars

You’ll also receive recordings of two of the most-popular programs for new adults with ADHD from ADDA’s webinar series:
How a Failure Learned to Succeed with Jessica McCabe
The 6-Step ADHDology Adult Treatment Approach with Gene Carroccia

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