Our goal at ADDA is to help adults with ADHD live better lives. To help them do just that, we provide our members with information, resources and support. We also work to build awareness and to provide accurate information on adult ADHD to policy makers, the press and the general public.

Through our own programming, as well as in collaboration with other organizations, professionals in the field and individuals who share our vision, we are able to connect you to some of the best resources on the planet for adults with ADHD.

ADHD can present many challenges to the adults who live with the disorder as well as to their family, friends and loved ones. But with proper diagnosis and treatment, and the support of family, friends and caring professionals, adults with ADHD can lead happy, productive lives. ADDA helps to provide that support in a variety of ways.

  • If you’re new to ADHD, you’ll want to visit our guide to ADHD.
  • Among the resources, we include a complete library of articles on virtually everything you need to know related to adult ADHD. Our library also includes an archive of ADDA’s popular Webinars.
  • Of course, ADDA members are always welcome to attend one of our live Webinars  free of charge. Non-ADDA members can also participate in our occasional free Webinar or purchase tickets to Webinars individually.
  • To get the professional help you might need, we recommend you search for professionals specializing in adult ADHD in ADDA’s Professional Directory.
  • Support groups for adults with ADHD can be extremely helpful. ADDA offers Virtual Peer Support Groups free for members. You can also get assistance with starting or maintaining your own local adult support group with our “Adult Support Group Manual.”
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  • When you’re searching for ADHD-friendly products and services, you won’t find a better starting point than our own Shop ADDA online catalog.

Be assured, ADDA is here to provide all of your needs when it comes to getting information you can trust and the resources you need to successfully manage your life as an adult with ADHD.