ADHD and Managing Your Finances

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ADHD and Managing Your Finances

It’s an exciting day for those of us with ADHD. Excitement? When ADHD can be so challenging? Yes! Someone who has been in our shoes, an ADHDer like us, has created a company whose mission is to empower you financially and give you exactly what you need, the way you need it.

Do you struggle to manage your money?

Rena-Fi, Inc. creates and provides engaging financial education, mentoring and training to empower students to achieve a better financial future. Rena-Fi holds live online office hours where you can talk with instructors. Chosen professionals hold weekly webinars and panel discussions to expose students to a wide range of related subjects. And there’s more. Check them out.

You CAN learn how to handle money better.

We are happy to welcome Rena-Fi as an ADDA partner. They’ll be providing added benefits to your ADDA membership at no additional charge. They’ll bring you ADHD-friendly ideas, articles and materials to help with managing your finances. And if you want more content about taking charge of your financial future, you’ll discover volumes of additional content and money management webinars created specifically with ADHDers in mind on the Rena-Fi website. 

Improve your relationship with money (and it won’t leave so fast!)

Now ADDA members can all look forward to a better future and a great relationship with money.

Rena-Fi, Inc. has partnered with ADDA to bring additional value to ADDA’s membership. Rena-Fi’s sole mission is to provide engaging financial education that inspires and empowers students to develop a better financial future. To learn more visit

Managing Your Finances

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