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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mönchengladbach, Germany

My name is Gabi, and I’m a certified youth coach with a specialization in ADHD and neurodiversity. I help middle school, high school and university students like you overcome academic challenges so you can graduate successfully and lead the life you want. And you do not need an official ADHD diagnosis to work with me.

In addition to my coaching credentials, I have spent over 15 years as a professor at a private university in the US where I taught, mentored and advised students with all kinds of different majors, backgrounds and academic challenges. My time in academia is incredibly important when it comes to my work as a coach since I am in a much better position to support students through the skills I have gained over the last two decades.

I am also the mom of a neurodiverse child and know firsthand that school work is not always easy, especially when your executive skills are giving you a hard time.

Dealing with academic challenges can feel quite daunting, but with a few simple tools and a bit of patience, you can succeed. I have seen that again and again in countless coaching sessions with my students when they, at first, are distraught and ready to give up but after a few weeks thrive and gain a much different outlook on their own work and their abilities. By trying out various strategies, checking in with my clients frequently, offering encouragement and support when things take longer than expected and by celebrating every little win I have seen students go from a D to an A or from 2 written pages to a finished academic paper within a short period of time.

And you can do it, too with a bit of patience, resilience and the right study techniques!



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