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Coach, Consultant, Advocate, Educator
Live Happy ADHD
3000 W. Grace St. 23221

I partner with adults and parents of children with ADHD. Together, we develop techniques and strategies in order to build a better life and help you flourish. Using ADHD as our starting point, we forge a path together that works for you, so that you can live your best life.

I continuously improve my education through industry-related certifications and stay current by reviewing the latest research and studies on ADHD and its impact on physical and mental health. Through my own lived experience with ADHD, I am able to provide informed feedback and knowledge. I take the science and experience and translate them into strategies—ones that can improve your life and empower you.

I am more than a coach; I am a partner and an advocate. Studies show consistently that therapeutic support can be an invaluable tool in overcoming the challenges ADHD can present. That is why I’m passionate about arming my clients with knowledge, strategies, and insight into self so they can go on to thrive—with ADHD!

Please visit my website for additional details and to schedule your free intro call!

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Phone: (202)556-0367

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