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Yeara Rosenthal ProfileADHD Life Coaching with Yeara Logo
228 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003

Like many women, I learned about my own ADHD around the same time my first child was diagnosed at age five. As a coach, my mission is to support individuals as they seek to understand their unique ADHD brains, while helping them to identify and implement strategies that will allow them to thrive at work, at home, and in life.  

My path to coaching was paved by both big and small acts. I took the steps, one-by-one then two-by-two. And in this manner, I found myself one day sitting in on a virtual  information session at the ADD Coaching Academy. Here was another decision to make, another leap of faith. 

Through my ADHD coach training, I learned about the beauty and awesomeness of the ADHD brain. I also learned about its limitations and how to work with our inherent strengths when we are challenged. I learned that (as almost every coach I meet says), “if you’ve met one person with ADHD, you’ve met just one person with ADHD.” I learned about the mighty POWER of the PAUSE and how mastering this key skill leads to improved outcomes in all areas of life. I learned the art of meeting clients where they are and how to partner with them to define goals and to question the narratives that no longer serve them.

Why do I coach? Because I have seen the transformative power that comes from working with an effective coach. My goal is to help others, whether it’s a newly diagnosed mom, parents, adults, teens, and seniors to live and thrive with ADHD. 

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Phone: 973-834-9128

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