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Executive Director
The How
Seattle, WA, USA 98107

At The How, we partner with individuals and businesses to provide one-to-one coaching to employees, students, and individuals to develop tailored strategies and systems that help people deal with life and do their best work. Together, we develop sustainable systems for a more productive, fulfilling, resilient, and balanced approach to learning, working, and navigating life in general.

How do we coach? 

We specialize in personalized coaching for people with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, and other neurodiversity and mental health conditions. Each person’s needs are different, but some of the common patterns and challenges we can help with are:

  • Falling behind at work or in classes
  • Feeling overwhelmed with workload management
  • Starting strong, then getting off track
  • Consistently losing track of responsibilities, personal belongings, or dates
  • Needing better study skills
  • Impulsiveness with words or actions
  • Appearing “lazy,” “scattered,” “unmotivated”
  • Patterns of lateness or missing due dates and deadlines
  • Feelings of stress that come quickly and are hard to work through
  • Daily tasks feel like a struggle
  • Getting “stuck” or “going in circles” when trying to solve problems or make decisions
  • Procrastinating

Sound familiar?

It’s way more common than you think. Let’s talk about what’s going on. Schedule a Free Consult

About Paige: 

Paige Porter is the founder and executive director at The How. The How partners with businesses to provide accommodation to employees with ADA qualifying conditions, including those with ADHD, autism, traumatic brain injury,  mental health conditions, chronic illness, dyslexia, blindness/low vision, and more. The How provides Workplace Coaching to help employees learn how to improve their job performance, workload management, communication, stress management, and other executive functioning skills. Paige and her team have experience supporting professionals across all levels and industries and also partner with HR teams and managers to create inclusive work environments where everyone can thrive. Paige has ADHD and incorporates many of the strategies she recommends to clients in her day-to-day life.
Sound familiar? It’s way more common than you think.

Our Founder and Executive Director, Paige Porter, was a teacher, frustrated by how capable her students were and how much life seemed to get in the way of their progress. They were showing plenty of aptitude for the content, but challenges with executive function skills were a challenge. Issues with concentration, getting started and finishing tasks, problem-solving, overcoming frustration, emotional regulation, and time management were getting so steep for some students. Paige knew it didn’t matter what content she or any other teacher was presenting to them. The gap in executive function skills was limiting her students’ abilities to learn, grow, flourish, and be resilient–now, and probably in the future, too.

So, Paige founded The How as a coaching service to help students, adults and employees figure out how to do their best work in a way that is healthy, realistic, and sustainable for them as individuals. What we do, what we know, and what we’ve learned is not nearly as important as how we learn, approach our work, and deal with life’s daily surprises. In fact, strong executive function skills are one of the primary predictors of success in life–in some cases, even greater than intelligence or socioeconomic status. At The How, we believe that every person has different strengths and needs when it comes to executive function. We all have room to grow, and the environments where we learn and work should embrace, include, and accommodate every person’s unique talents, needs and perspectives. We’re here to help businesses, parents, students, and individuals make it happen.

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