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Calm Seas ADHD Coaching

With a background in speech pathology and as an educational consultant, Vidya has found her real passion and purpose in coaching.  She is a Master Certified ADHD Coach and the founder of Calm Seas ADHD Coaching in Redmond, Washington.  She helps adults with ADHD, especially those who are recently diagnosed, get things done consistently and intentionally to achieve their goals.  She does this by helping them improve their underlying executive functioning skills, such as time management, working memory, planning, organization and emotional regulation.  

Seeing her clients become more self compassionate and self empowered brings Vidya tremendous joy.  She works with professionals from many walks of life, including doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, educators and artists.  Vidya coaches clients in small groups through her transformative Comprehensive CORE program as well as coaching clients individually.  Contact us or schedule a complimentary consultation ( for further information or to explore coaching.

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