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Dr. Saskia Karg
unique mind coach Dr. Saskia Karg
Schoenbuehlring, 13 6005 Luzern Switzerland

As an ADHD coach, I will help you get unstuck, embrace your quirky, and thrive!

All my life, I’ve been puzzled by the feeling that I struggle with things many others find easy and do effortlessly what many others find hard. ​Being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 42 provided the solution to the puzzle. Now all the tricks, hacks, and skills I accumulated over the years in order to function made sense and have turned into a gift I am happy to share. ​

I am trained in Brain Based Coaching through the Neuroleadership Institute and ADHD coaching through ADDCA (including in “Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families”), with a science PhD and 17 years of work experience in the biomedical field in project and people leadership roles. My deep understanding of neuroscience allows me to tailor my coaching to your needs – if your ADHD is your superpower or your curse – or mostly both (like mine is).

No two minds are alike. I look forward to meeting yours!

Visit my website to join my free course “Keep Your Battery Charged! ADHD Self-Care Basics“.

Visit my blog for helpful hacks for living well with ADHD as well as current research presented in an ADHD-friendly way.

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