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RN, Senior Certified ADHD Coach
Founder ADHD Success Network
Arizona, USA


ADHD Executive Functioning
Career Coaching
Coaching for Parents of Kids With ADHD
Legal & Medical Professionals
Small Business Ownership & Startups
ADHD Life Skills & Self-Regulation


Twila has always combined systems and leadership with work that supports and inspires others. After ten years in accounting and business management, she moved on to Nursing in 1985, starting at bedside, then to Nurse Educator. She initiated and managed the Nursing Case Management Department at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix. Next she worked with TQM teams in data analysis and inter- departmental recommendations effecting change in work flow and information systems.

Twila utilizes her practical, creative, organizational, computer, and systems development expertise, her entrepreneurial skills and her diverse background to assist clients in achieving their goals. She offers her honesty, integrity and genuine caring to support clients through the coaching process. She encourages balance, self-awareness and simplification. She believes it is important to create systems and environments that support the person with ADD / ADHD just the way they are and that it is also important to focus on their gifts and talents.

Using these experiences, skills and her coach training she has coached her clients successfully for over 20 years while developing effective systems and strategies for those with ADD/ADHD.


ADHD SmartPlanner
College Student SmartPlanner
Sensible Systems Workbook
Goals Dissector Workbooklet
Moving Beyond ADHD & Perfectionism
Mindful Meditation/Attentional Guided Imagery
Relaxing Into Anxiety & Fear
Relaxing into Perfectionism
Relaxing into Shame

Founded and developed the first ever ADHD Coaching Internship Program
Creative Director & Developer of the ADHD Success Network to debut in 2015


Published Articles

Are You Ready to Get Organized as a Team? Let’s Play Ball!
The Finish Line: I Finally Found My Life!
Parenthood: The “Consistent & Creative” Stage of Life!
Don’t have enough time? Simplify
ADHD Coach for Attention Deficit Disorder



“Genuine listening means suspending memory, desire and judgment — and, for a moment at least, existing for the other person”. Michael P Nichols



  • Graduate School of Coaching
  • ADD coach training – Diana Edwards, MCC
  • ADHD Coaches Organization
  • Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching
  • Enneagram Spectrum coach training
  • Enneagram Spectrum Certified
  • Coachville
  • ADDA
  • Arizona State Board of Nursing


Arizona Governors Award for Excellence in Nursing
Governor of the State of Arizona

College Valedictorian
Maricopa Tech

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