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Coach ADHD
Fabryka Kariery Tomasz Tajchman

I help reduce the impact of ADHD symptoms on life, work, relationships and the environment.

Tomasz Tajchman certified ACC ICF coach, ADHD coach, business trainer, change trainer and HR Business Partner.

For 7 years, I have been successfully and satisfactorily working with clients on their development and achieving their full potential.

On a daily basis, I help adults with ADHD find and adjust methods, techniques and strategies to reduce the impact of ADHD symptoms on their lives.

I am distinguished by the ability to be in full presence with my client. I listen without evaluating, without pigeonholing and drawing conclusions. I just am.

With empathy and full acceptance, I accompany the client in the change, motivating them to overcome themselves.

I am a promoter of coaching as a method supporting increasing life and professional effectiveness in adults with ADHD.

Since 2019, I have been developing my specialty, which is ADHD coaching.

I am exploring my knowledge thanks to the literature on ADHD and ADHD coaching as well as foreign websites.

In Poland, ADHD coaching is a method that is only gaining in importance in working with adults with ADHD symptoms, which is why I successfully and increasingly broadly transfer my knowledge and experience to the Polish market, using them in my work with clients, also based on the latest trends and research.

I attend conferences on ADHD in adults:

2nd ADHD Congress, Warsaw 202.

Horizons of Psychiatry, Warsaw 2022.

Workshop “Patient with ADHD – diagnosis, treatment, effect”, Łódź 2022.

I share my knowledge and experience not only with my clients, but also with other people who want to support people with ADHD.

I conducted the first lecture and workshop in Poland for coaches as part of the International Coaching Week ICF, Poznań 2022 on ADHD coaching.

As the first coach in Poland, I wrote and defended my master’s thesis entitled:

“Coaching as a method supporting achieving life and professional effectiveness in adults with ADHD”.

More and more often I indicate coaching as a behavioral intervention and a method supporting the alleviation of ADHD symptoms in the environment of psychiatrists and psychotherapists, thanks to which the awareness of the benefits of using this method increases.


As an ADHD coach, I help develop and improve skills in the following areas:

Organizing and managing yourself in time, managing tasks and projects at work, setting priorities, keeping records, multi-tasking and organizing home or work.

Managing emotions. This includes things like improving self-esteem, reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing personality.

Developing new skills such as communication and social skills, problem solving, interpersonal conflict resolution, punctuality, public speaking.

Achieving goals, healthy lifestyle, professional success, procrastination, motivation.


Contact Information
Phone: +48 736446445

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