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Tell a New Story with The ADHD Advocate
The ADHD Advocate
London N10 3AY

At The ADHD Advocate, we coach people that want to tell a new story about themselves and their ADHD.

If you have ADHD, you have the same human needs as everyone else, but you also have to deal with things like hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention. This can make you believe you can’t reach your goals because you have ADHD.

As experienced and certified ADHD Coaches it’s our job to prove you wrong!

Did you know that having ADHD can be like having a superpower? Of course, it can also be challenging and sometimes even debilitating – but only if you don’t know how your very special brain works.

That’s where we come in. As ADHD Advocates, we are here to help you direct and control your superpower rather than have it control you. We understand how the ADHD brain works and more importantly, we understand what it’s like to be you. Why…? Because all our ADHD coaches have ADHD too!

Having ADHD gives us the edge as ADHD Coaches because we have been in your shoes and we will always have a foot in your camp. The difference is that now we have the professional training and experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and obstacles of the neurotypical world. Not only that, but we can be your Advocates.

And what does that mean…?

“Advocate” = promoter, believer, backer (yup, that’s us because we are Educators and Coaches)

“Advocate” = lawyer (some of our coaches used to be lawyers too!)

So you can see why we are uniquely positioned to help you from every angle, from your struggles to accept yourself and take control of your life, to getting the support you are entitled to under Law. We can help move you from a place of overwhelm and frustration towards a place of clarity and control.

Let us be your champions and help you channel your unique gifts to live a happy and fulfilling life in integrity with who you really are…

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5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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