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ADHD/Executive Functioning Coach, Trainer & Educational Consultant
Positively ADHD
Ontario, Canada L2T3S9

Tammy James is an ADHD/Executive Functioning Coach, Trainer and Educational Consultant. She works with students, parents, adults, and educators who are impacted by ADHD and/or other executive functioning challenges. Tammy is passionate about empowering those experiencing academic, work, family and/or life challenges to set and achieve their goals, discover their hidden strengths and talents, and to develop a better understanding of how challenges in executive functioning may be impacting their lives. Through her coaching and training services, Tammy supports her clients in moving forward with increased confidence, focus, and self-acceptance.

Prior to beginning her coaching practice, Tammy worked within the post-secondary disability services field as both a Learning Disability Specialist and Disability Counsellor/Educator (York University, Brock University, Fanshawe College; all in Ontario, Canada); her work history also includes employment within the Neuropsychiatry Department at the Hospital for Sick Children, as well as private practice work conducting both psychoeducational assessments and the provision of cognitive-behavioural therapy for various psychological disorders.

Education: Tammy has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo as well as doctoral level training in Clinical Psychology from York University. She trained as a coach at Adler International Learning (Toronto, ON, Canada) and the ADD Coach Academy (U.S.).

What sets Tammy apart is her empathetic and compassionate spirit, her sound interpersonal and communication skills, and her ever inquisitive mind. With over 15 years of experience working with individuals with ADHD, learning disabilities, and/or executive functioning challenges (as well as a variety of other challenges), Tammy brings a unique skill set to the clients with whom she works. But Tammy is never boastful, she is always humble, sincere, and approaches all clients with whom she works with both compassion and a gentle sense of humour – essential components to her work.

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