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Certified ADHD Life Coach
ADHD Impact Coaching LLC
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA 22901

I coach adults with ADHD toward the results they want, with less stress, specializing in managing ADHD in the workplace and personal finance. I’m a Certified ADHD Life Coach with a lifetime of managing my own ADHD while building a professional career and growing a family. I am married, have three adult daughters, and worked in real estate appraising, lending, and banking over four decades. I have seen how ADHD can show up in every aspect of life, including work, relationships, and personal happiness. Few people, including mental health professionals, understand the nature of ADHD challenges; this can present difficulties getting support from a boss, colleagues, clients, partners, friends, and family. You are likely to have discovered that, after diagnosis, there are no “treatments” to prescribe for ADHD. While medication has proven to be very helpful with motivation, mood, and executive function, ADHD coaching directly supports and educates you about your ADHD, to build awareness of where and when ADHD is showing up in your life and how to work with it. I coach my clients using situations in their daily life, for new ways to think about and respond to their challenges, and new action steps to take for a life of greater agency, effectiveness, and ease. Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, (EST) I coach by phone or Zoom to anywhere. I hope you will visit my website at

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