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SkillSet Coaching & Organizing
1550 W. McEwen Drive, Suite 300, #49 37067

I’m Sara Skillen, and I help all kinds of people who want to learn how to manage their stuff, time, and tasks. Organization and productivity challenges touch on all parts of life and all sorts of brains, and I’m prepared to go there. The office. The calendar. The pantry. The lists and notes. The plans (or lack thereof). Helping clients to find their unique systems for life, work, school, transitions, and the items that go with all of those things is what I love to do.  Environments are important, because they either support you in living your most effective life, or they get in the way. And in my experience, environments are both external and internal. The clutter in your head and heart makes as much or more difference as the clutter on your desk or in your junk drawer.  It’s never just about the stuff – it’s about the stuff behind the stuff. I coach in order to partner with clients on their organizing and productivity journeys, so they are better equipped to utilize the systems we set up together – and the ones they create on their own.

I’ve been specializing in working with clients with ADHD for the past seven years, and am a Certified Organizer Coach as well as a Certified Professional Organizer. I published my first book, Organizing and Big Scary Goals, in 2019, and also regularly write for Unconditionally HER magazine as well as my own blog, “The Stuff Behind the Stuff.” Sign up for a free initial call to learn how my services could be a great fit for you.

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Phone: 615-428-3816

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