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San Diego, Calfornia 92120

Sandra M. Einstein, Chief Efficiency Officer, Chief Organizing Officer

Sandra founded e=mc2 organizing & coaching consultants, inc. in 1996.  Her company helps students and adults manage their time, space, papers, possessions and commitments. 

 Sandra helps individuals learn time management and organizational techniques.  By identifying and setting goals, her clients are able to finish projects and stay focused.  This helps her clients to increase their productivity and reduce stress.

Sandra has a special interest in coaching and organizing adolescents, college students and adults with attention or learning differences, as well as, individuals who are organizationally challenged, chronically disorganized or obsessive-compulsive. 

She works with her clients to create strategies that enable them to be more effective in managing daily life tasks.  Eliminating chaos and clutter in their lives help them to forward actions, set goals and achieve life balance.

She helps her students and adults systematize and simplify their daily routines.

Sandra works with individuals to empower them to work with their ADHD.

Contact Sandra to set up a virtual appointment.

Contact Information
Phone: 440.666.1732

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