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Partner Up LLC
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

ADHD coaching with a specialization in coaching  lawyers and law students.  After a successful 30+ year career as a lawyer, I left the practice of law to become a certified life coach. I quickly realized that most of my attorney clients had ADHD or issues with executive functions. In order to better serve my clients, I enrolled at the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) to gain specialized training in coaching clients with ADHD.  I have an advanced certification (ACCG) from ADDCA, PCC from the International Coaching Federation and PCAC certification from the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches.  I serve as faculty at ADDCA.  As someone who parented two sons with ADHD and supervised many attorneys with ADHD, I bring years of practical experience to my coaching which helps me work with my clients to find solutions that work for them.

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Phone: 18475252117

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