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Managing Director, ADHD and Executive Skills Coach
Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC
3800 American Boulevard West, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55431, United States, Suite 1500 55431

Hi, I’m Robin Nordmeyer, ADHD and Executive Skills Coach. First and foremost, thank you for visiting ADDA and my profile. If there is one message I hope you leave with is encouragement and hope for your future and to know you are Wired to Win with your ADHD.  Whether you work with me or another, you are on the right track for making positive changes in your life to minimize the negative aspects of having ADHD.

My Coaching Practice:  In 2010, I became the founder of  Living Well with ADHD, LLC. Over the years the company has grown into a partnership:  The Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC.

I have always had a passion to help others through their challenges and becoming their personal best.  My journey supporting those with ADHD began in 2008 when I became a Certified Parent Trainer for CHADD. The desire to do so came from a need to help my family.  But, as it often happens, I realized it explained a lot of things in my life as well. I was that child who couldn’t understand why school was so much harder for me, or why it took me three to four times longer than anyone else. My ADD (undiagnosed) followed me into adulthood as I was constantly challenged to figure out life, how to become more independent, be on time, get things done, stay organized…the works.  I shared struggles with self esteem, relationships, keeping a house clean, follow through at work, getting promoted, parenting…You name it!   Somehow, I managed to find my way through it into a successful career. I worked for Procter & Gamble as a manager in Customer Business Development for over 13 years.  Driving my passion was the opportunity to create tools and resources that promoted a better quality of life. Go Figure!

So what led to coaching?  I was given the opportunity to attend Adler Graduate School to become a Certified Life Coach. When you get into life coaching, you get clear about life. I realized the clients I wanted to work with the most were those who struggled with their ADHD.    So, I continued my training to complete MentorCoach’s Advanced ADHD Coaching Program and other ADHD Coach trainings, including JST Coaching and Coach Approach for Organizers.  I also have have enjoyed the opportunity to serve as board member and chair for a number of organizations including: >>Board of Directors and Chair of Marketing, as well as Programs, for the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) since 2013; >>Board Member and Professional Development Chair with the Minnesota International Coaching Federation(ICF); >>Chair,  Co-Chair and committee work for several professional conferences aligned to ACO, ICF and CHADD. So, if you are looking for someone to work with that can help you with your ADHD and with tapping into the Ways You Are Wired To Win, please visit our site at https://CenterForLivingWellwithADHD.org


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