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Renee Crook, ADHD Coach, ADDA Chair of Virtual Support & Work Groups, Board Member
Renee Crook, ADHD Coach, ADDA Chair of Virtual Support & Work Groups, Board Member
ADHD Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor
ADDed Perspective Coaching

Renee Crook, AACC, the founder of ADDed Perspective Coaching, offers individual and group coaching for adults with ADHD. Renee recognizes tremendous potential in her clients. She helps them to identify and address obstacles that stand in the way of creating lives they love by transforming self-talk, celebrating wins and learning to love themselves, ADHD and all.

Renee received her Basic and Advanced ADHD and Life Coach training from the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) which is fully accredited by ICF and PAAC. 

In addition to her role as an ADHD Coach in private practice, Renee is an Instructor, Speaker, Peer Support Group Facilitator, Board Member for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), and Chair of ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support & Work Groups Committee. 

Renee has taught a variety of courses about ADHD for adults. Previously Renee was an Elementary Educator for 13 years and spent thousands of hours researching and training other educators about learning challenges with a specific focus on ADHD.

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