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ADHD Adult and Family Coach with Executive Function Skills and Social Skils
South Jordan 84009
Salt Lake City 84044

I’m a late diagnosed ADHD mom with an ADHD spouse and 4 twice exceptional kids (ADHD, GAD, DMDD and gifted). We lived through our fair share of struggles before our diagnosis, which sparked an intense hyper focus on learning the neuroscience behind ADHD’s strengths and challenges and how to establish and maintain connection and calm through the chaos that often comes with neurodivergence. I completed the internationally accredited ADD Coaching Academy program to equip myself with the knowledge and skills to help myself, my family, and others facing similar challenges. My mission is to help others harness their strengths in such a way that their weaknesses are supported and negative impact minimized. My passion is helping others transform their relationship with their ADHD while also strengthening their relationships with those they love.

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Phone: 385-429-0469

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