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Executive Function Coach
The How Skills
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Who Are We?

The How Skills is a disability and woman-owned organization specializing in personalized coaching for executive function skills for adults and students. Together, we develop sustainable systems for a more productive, fulfilling, resilient, and balanced approach to learning, working, and navigating life in general.

How Do We Coach? 

Our coaches are trained educators with master’s and doctorate degrees that specialize in personalized coaching for people with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and other neurodiversity and mental health conditions. Each person’s needs are different, but some of the common patterns and challenges we can help with are:

  • Falling behind at work or in classes?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with workload management?
  • Starting strong, then getting off track?
  • Consistently losing track of responsibilities, personal belongings, or dates?
  • Need better study skills?
  • Impulsiveness with words or actions?
  • Appearing “lazy,” “scattered,” “unmotivated”??
  • Patterns of lateness or missing due dates and deadlines?
  • Feelings of stress that come quickly and are hard to work through?
  • Daily tasks feel like a struggle?
  • Getting “stuck” or “going in circles” when trying to solve problems or make decisions?
  • Procrastinating?

Sound Familiar?

It’s way more common than you think. Let’s talk about what’s going on. Schedule a Free Consult

About Rachel: 

Rachel has a passion for connecting with others and empowering individuals to reach their full potential through a strengths-based approach. As an educator for over 5 years, she understands the diverse needs of individuals, and the power of creating a toolbox of effective strategies to help reach academic, personal, and workplace goals.

Rachel earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis. During her time as a K-12 educator, she served as a classroom teacher, interventionist, instructional coach, gifted education teacher, and college coach. Through her many roles supporting diverse students and educators, she learned the importance of fostering strong relationships, advocacy, and empowering others. As a coach, Rachel utilizes her skills and passion to promote accessibility, inclusion, and growth.

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