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Carly Claney, PhD
Relational Psych
200 W Mercer St E305, Seattle, WA 98119
I specialize in anxious & neurodivergent professionals in career transition who are processing their identity & values. You feel like you have accomplished everything you set out for and still don’t feel happy. You may feel trapped by your career or trapped by your own emotions or relational patterns. You are burnt out, working on fumes, but holding it together enough on the outside that no one really understands how lost you feel. I want to help you align yourself with your life – through insight we can intentionally help you experience true and sustaining change.
I am a licensed psychologist, successful business owner, and executive coach who has the lived experience, the education, & training to empower you to design a life (and/or business) that is fulfilling and sustaining. I will be a thought partner and support your transformation with attention to emotion, values, finances, body, relationships, & purpose.
When you reach out, you’ll first have a 15 minute consultation call with my admin, Ally, to discuss basic logistics. (You can book that call directly here: Then, Ally will schedule you with me for a 15 minute phone call to discuss fit & get scheduled. We can meet online via Google Meet or in person in my office in Queen Anne.

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