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ADHDable Coaching

My goal is to help people like me: who grew up undiagnosed, misunderstood, and unsupported. I had a career that I thought I loved but didn’t have much to show for 10+ years of work. I grew exhausted and jaded from trying to make my mark but missing it too many times.

I sought and finally got an ADHD diagnosis at age 38. Learning about how my brain works, and that I’m not supposed to just fit in, relieved most of my depression.  I jumped headfirst into ADHD resources and community, and decided to become a coach.

As a coach, I can help you get unstuck, hold space for you to grow, equip yourself and forge your path to your goals through different perspectives on your strengths and how your brain works. AND so much more!

Body Doubling with the Possibility Posse

Body doubling is where someone else is present with faith that you will do what you show up to do. ADHDers can thrive when supported by a posse! In weekly virtual sessions, we start projects, make time to think, tackle mundane tasks, etc. Contact me to check it out.

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Phone: 4155969913

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