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Welcome and thank you for visiting my profile.

ADHD Coaching Worldwide

Being stuck, worried, unproductive, and lacking structure can be a real drag. Let’s get to the bottom of that!

I work with sensitive creative proactive ADHD adults who are educated and live in big metropolitan centers to navigate and overcoming personal and professional roadblocks, prejudice, and personal traumas, to create work/life balance.

My clients’ lives are re-imagined and transformed as a direct result of erasing guilt, doubt, anxieties, and insecurities while building safe, secure, and healthy relationship attachments. They have a greater degree of confidence, self-worth, life direction, and personal and professional accomplishments.

Therapy in California

My clients often struggle with worry, tension, and anxiety while seeking secure attachments and proving their value. They also aim to recover from previous traumas and express their authentic selves.

If you live in California and would like to choose therapy instead of coaching, I employ an ADHD trauma-sensitive, humanistic, person-centered approach bridging insight with action within a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy paradigm. I’m a ADHD Clinical Services Provider.

Next Steps

Please take a moment to visit the website and call or email if you have any questions that I can answer for you. I offer free 15 minute consultations. I look forward to getting to know you!

LGBTQ+ Affirming

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Contact Information
Phone: 760-979-0715

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5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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